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  1. :// aғтer тwo yearѕ oғ recordιng and collecтιng daтa, our engιneer ιѕ ready тo ѕнow yoυ нιѕ laтeѕт dιѕcoverιeѕ. ιn order тo gaιn тнe peaĸ eхperιence oғ тнιѕ daтa, we recoммend yoυ lιѕтen wιтн нeadpнoneѕ, тo aѕѕυre yoυ receιve ғυll connecтιon тo тнιѕ тranѕмιѕѕιon. :// E.V.A - Galaxies Out Now For $6 Album: https://eva-music.bandcamp.com/album/galaxies
  2. https://soundcloud.com/mikep/reload-the-augur-ziq-remix-2 Anyone have a download link to this track? This is quite possibly my favorite Uziq thing since since Monj2 of XTEP.
  3. Thanks for the feedback man! Really appreciate your time, just a reminder for anyone else who sees this, i made all of my previous albums besides [LIVE] and Earthly Delights free of charge since i'm planning on remastering them compilation release, don't have it sorted out yet. Either Way, if you pay for any of my albums or donate, ill try to make sure you get the remasters for free. Just have to email me through my bandcamp page. So yea, other than that, i should have a vinyl ep coming out later this year through my friends label. If you guys want to grab my older releases for free/pay if you want, just use the bandcamp link below in my signature. Hoping to release more physical stuff (Posters, Videos, Cassettes, etc.) so hopefully i can scavenge the money together and release some of that over the next year or two. Again, thank your for your time listening and anyone the purchased my work, it means a lot and helps me keep this project going.
  4. Thanks for the feedback and purchase of the album! Really means alot to me. I am currently working on remasters for me older releases so im putting the older releases up for free until the new ones come out. Same goes for anyone else that makes a purchase, i will try to contact you when i start to releases the remasters and send you a copy for free.
  5. :// Earтнly Delιgнтѕ ιѕ a coмpιlaтιon oғ ѕynтн loopѕ and radιo ѕaмpleѕ ғroм Jυly 2014. Aғтer 3 мonтнѕ oғ worĸ ғroм are engιneer, нe coмpιled ιт ιnтo a 5 тracĸ docυмenтary ғor yoυr enjoyмenт. Agaιn, we тнanĸ yoυ ғor all тнe тιмe yoυ ѕpend lιѕтenιng тo тнeѕe recordιngѕ and we proмιѕe тo ĸeep ѕearcнιng тнe galaхy ғor мore dιѕcoverιeѕ. //: $2.50 for album // $0.50 per track EP: http://eva-music.bandcamp.com/album/earthly-delights
  6. Do you mind posting a link to a download for the track? Can't seem to buy it in the US for some reason and i would really like to add this to my copy of Syro..
  7. Is there a website i can download this off of? I already pre ordered the US Vinyl release so im not getting the Japanese version..
  8. Yesss!! thank you good sir, this track is pretty descent, really wish he replaced a few tracks of Syro with this tune.
  9. direct link http://a1821.phobos.apple.com/us/r30/Music3/v4/a6/60/5f/a6605f61-cb17-0c47-a58e-0d4cd0069865/mzaf_3861112189213440526.plus.aac.p.m4a seems it's only 0:30 in-browser, guess it's 1:30 in itunes Anyone know of a way to get this track? I ordered my vinyl way back so im already supporting Richard, just wish he included this track on the Vinyl release as well, first 30 seconds sounds amazing IMO.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you dig it. Currently working on a Vinyl release for the new album so keep an eye on this forum for more details.
  11. :// тoday we нad a vιѕιтor ғroм earтн. нιѕ naмe waѕ нarry тυcĸer and нe мaĸeѕ elecтronιc мυѕιc ғor тнe people oғ new jerѕey υnder мυlтιple alιaѕ ѕυcн aѕ yoυng ѕpιneѕ, g l o o м c v l т, and owl cнallanger. dυrιng нιѕ ѕтay, нe worĸed on vocal dυтy dυrιng мy engιneerѕ caмp oυт procedυre and proceѕѕed/мanιpυlaтed ιт ιnтo мυlтιple dιgιтal ғorмaтѕ ғor тнe galaхιeѕ conѕυмpтιon. we нope yoυ enjoy тнιѕ мιleѕтone ιn нιѕтory and we looĸ ғorward тo тranѕмιттιng мore daтa тнaт we coмe acroѕѕ ιn тнe ғυтυre. //: Album: Star Child
  12. Thanks to everyone that listened to or purchased any of my albums and/or hung out for one of my live sets. Even if it was only for a minute, it means a lot to have the support and time you guys have given me. It has truly been the best year of my entire life and i look forward to another year of exploring the milky way with you all. "All Of The Stars" Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsMTheIz1eE
  13. :// You can now purchase the "Dekuism" Cassette from Don't Live Like Me Records online store. Forest color cassettes, limited to 50, ships around the world. If you like what you hear from my work or any of the other artist, please do purchase what you can as they need money for vinyl releases later this year (Including my first vinyl release, which is an achievement i would like to accomplish as a musician) Thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy. //: :Cassettes: :Personal Releases:
  14. I currently own an ER-1 and can't seem to separate myself from it. For my work, i try to not use my computer for anything live (besides lite sampling and ambient noise effects) so i'm currently looking for some sort of synth sequencer along the lines of the Electribe series, i just figured id ask for some advice: Would the MK I series suit each other better than mixing it with a MK II models of the EA or ES (I was even looking into the X series but i'm not sure if it would be worth saving up for if the sound quality doesn't match the older series) or is their something else i should check out along that price range (I am willing to spend $250 at this point). Please let me know your opinions, i would really appreciate the help
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