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  1. We've just released a video for one of the tracks off the aforementioned LP created by Andrew Duff (aka allthesixes666), who does some really tangible, beautiful, visceral stuff with oscilloscopes:
  2. mFing

    confield art

    Yeah, I was hoping that would make it onto the Gantz Graf DVD, but alas. I would have watched it (at least once or twice).
  3. Someone posted a picture above. Just commenting.
  4. Karl Pilkington is very un-Autechrean....BUT! When Sean requested the video from Electric Café / Techno Pop played on EmptyV, I did get some Pilkington-esque vibes in that one fleeting moment.
  5. Tie-ish between 1998-2003 & 2013-2018, personally It's a bit difficult to know where exactly to envision boundaries or how to encapsulate certain periods, though, and I know there have been plenty discussions and differing opinions. Like, with my above preferences, it seems odd to include LP5 and Draft in the same "era," but it totally makes sense to me that Confield and LP5 belong together, and Draft and Confield also definitely feel like part of the same "era" to me, so it's maybe problematically diverse but, in the end, checks out.
  6. I've enjoyed reading about the "early days" a lot over the years. I feel like it's pretty well-trod territory now, though, although this interview did seem to shed more light on some of it. The family support, I got a kick out of. I kind of didn't expect that because of the sort of chip-on-shoulder-ish attitude that you can pick up on a bit in their 90s interviews, but, at the same time, I also suspect there was a kind of tongue-in-cheek quality in that early gruffness there that just doesn't come through in print.
  7. But, then, did they proceed to use Ableton when making SIGN? It appears that's why Sean brought it up, and that's what the text seems to imply, and I'm, in turn, inferring that he's suggesting that had an impact on how they approached working on the material? But, then, other statements about how it came together don't suggest this...
  8. I got a bit confused about the SIGN / SOPHIE remix / Ableton connection. Suspect Google translate has mangled that a bit, but did anyone feel they understood that part?
  9. Definitely. One of the best looking films I've ever seen. Didn't care much for anything else about it, but visually (and atmospherically), it's quite impressive.
  10. Got zero faith at this point. When he started posting screen captures of time zone differences to explain his absence, I knew all was lost : D
  11. Nice! Yes, Haze & Slip were, as you mention, always jockeying for position in my Discman in the spring of 2001; along with Schematic's Lily of the Valley, they kind of defined that moment for me.
  12. Thanks for posting that! Yeah, I've been reading Igloo for 20 years, so it's quite nice to get such a warm reception.
  13. Thanks, dcom & ARPA!! Love the seal as well 😄
  14. Allo, all! My project has just had our proper debut LP released a few hours ago via Concrete Collage Records. Please check it. https://tesconpol.bandcamp.com
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