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  1. Brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department? Guess that's consistent with the last couple of pages in this thread.
  2. Some prefer the term "little-person arousal propaganda."
  3. I totally disagree. Oversteps has a very angular, almost crystalline sound. I can maybe see The first two tracks in the artwork, but the rest of the record feels like it should be visually depicted by kaleidoscopic (and perhaps indeed microscopic) studies of ice. I remember Sean's joking in AAA about Oversteps being possibly a warmer-weather album (and then taking it back), and I think it sounds totally windswept and wintry apart from Treale and, maybe, pt2ph8 (which, to be fair, stills sounds wintry but in a serene vista sort of way).
  4. I'm probably at an all-time high of Incunabula-appreciation, honestly. It's still my least favorite Ae record, but I've come to enjoy that if you listen to it quite loud, it sounds pretty good – not, as others have mentioned, ahead of its time but solid. Listening to it at comfortable ambient volume, it sounds kind of soft; I don't think they mixed the drums loud enough, etc. I may have done it a terrible disservice circa 2000/2001 by listening to it too much in my car because it was one of the last Autechre albums I picked up (at the time), and not much of it really stuck out / stood out to me, so I was trying to learn to like it. I think I pushed it in the other direction, though. I've come around lately... I've also come to view the discography as being a more linear, chronologically, and I think Incunabula works better for me as well as a very early part of that continuum instead of just feeling like that one Autechre album that I don't really love.
  5. I just ordered wine glasses from this company. Coincidence?
  6. Please don't be a dick and say that science is only for people with doctorates. You knew exactly where I was coming from (as evidenced by your final sentence), and I doubt that anyone was misled by my suggesting that he was a scientist.
  7. I would like a couple of the tracks to overlap with OneSix, maybe vaguely? There's something about the OneSix material that feels like it might still be evolving (as evidenced by the 2018 sets). It seems alive and some of it feels, in a really vague way admittedly, like it's suggesting something. There's something expectant about it. That plus the similarity in shape in artwork makes me think (or at least wonder) if there will be a whisper of overlap. If so, I hope it is subtle, but I'd dig it.
  8. I suspect there'll be a Red E to complement the A. Don't know when, though.
  9. Mic Finger

    Rob pls

    Just curious, where did the mastering info come from?
  10. Yeah, for sure. Set by set, but I suspect it's because they're chomping at the bit to unleash what they've done for OneSix and/or other new Ae releases...
  11. TDR is sharing AE LIVE artwork nonstop today on Instagram. Likely because they're readying OneSix etc. accompaniments atm, I suspect.
  12. Is anyone gravitating to any favorites new or old that seem particularly apt for soundtracking the gloom and mystique of our pandemic days? I'm really enjoying revisiting Senking – not cheery, obviously, but really nice atmospheres while falling short of being too ominous / oppressive. The late 90s/early aughts Raster-Noton stuff in particular...
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