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  1. Yeah, it's mostly their opinions and observations. It would be a lot more interesting if they quoted interviews or had researched the albums before talking about them. I don't really need to listen to a couple of blokes just responding to the music, basically. Good name, though. Maybe it will evolve into something more informative that compiles more objective insight into the making of various records.
  2. How can you tell? I mean, I trust you to know your chicken, but there seems to be a kind of curiosity welling up to me. A dawning and desire to investigate 😄 I've got my mom staying with me these days (health concerns, etc.) and her parakeet loves anything with pairs of percussive elements in quick succession. Neubauten's "Ten Grand Goldie" appears to be exceptionally choice. Side note: Does anyone else (always) hear the voice of Seth Brundle saying "cheeseburger" whenever someone uses the hamburger icon/emoji in response to a post?
  3. Nice! Yeah, it specifically reminds me a bit of Tour de France Soundtracks, which I was listening to a lot during the same autumn (2003) as I was Monolake's Momentum, so the mashup is kind of surreal and makes me think of the photo internship I was doing in Montréal at the time.
  4. Quite a departure. Some classic Monolake nostalgia coming through, but there's a real love-letter-to-Kraftwerk vibe that permeates most of it. I don't dislike it; there are some beautiful atmospheres. I miss those Cinemascope/Gravity/Interstate textures, though.
  5. I don't necessarily think it's strange, but I am going to Google News a couple of times a day looking for them 🙂 I wish that full two-hour conversation for NYT would be released, of course. I tweeted kudos to the interviewer & enquired about it, but that unsurprisingly didn't garner a reply.
  6. Didn't Oversteps have orange interior and Move of Ten green? It's been so long since I've seen anything other than the discs themselves.
  7. It may just be the power of suggestion, but I'm managing to find the album quite "green" sounding. With the exception of marhide, which comes off as a kind of rust/burnt umber/sepia sort of thing. I'm sure everyone cares 😄
  8. Seems to have a lot of F7 wrapped up in it. I can only hear certain little bursts of those bending FM synth motifs sparsely peaking out behind all the laser kicks.
  9. Would have been better, maybe, in aquamarine/turquoise than more aggressive green, but I'm not going to backseat drive TDR & the guys.
  10. Yeah, I find it to be much more NTS-ish with over & undertones of Oversteps & Move of Ten. Maybe some of the more metallic percussion seem kind of ep7ish, but I'm not really getting a lot of that either.
  11. Do we think we should consider this an album or EP? The Warp catalogue # is 338. Could suggest that it's the 14th EP, which might be the case if AE live and OneSix/16-18 are considered the 12th and 13th EPs or non-album releases...
  12. Yes, even the pictures of the artwork online look a lot better than the digital representation on the Ae Store & Warp. Having the texture of the sleeve visible makes a huge difference.
  13. Weird side question here, does anyone have insight into the photos that are included with the Sasha Frere-Jones article/interview? Are they just subjective creative content or are the relevant to the article? I kind of wanted to believe that they were from Sean's or Rob's neighborhood, but that seems hyper-unlikely.
  14. I didn't know a Quaristice / Amber pack was thing? What was that about? Oversteps and Untilted needed time to grow on me. Quaristice never really did although I love the live stuff from the period. Most of the others (beginning with ep7, for me) have clicked hard right away.
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