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  1. Mic Finger

    Rob pls

    Just curious, where did the mastering info come from?
  2. Yeah, for sure. Set by set, but I suspect it's because they're chomping at the bit to unleash what they've done for OneSix and/or other new Ae releases...
  3. TDR is sharing AE LIVE artwork nonstop today on Instagram. Likely because they're readying OneSix etc. accompaniments atm, I suspect.
  4. Is anyone gravitating to any favorites new or old that seem particularly apt for soundtracking the gloom and mystique of our pandemic days? I'm really enjoying revisiting Senking – not cheery, obviously, but really nice atmospheres while falling short of being too ominous / oppressive. The late 90s/early aughts Raster-Noton stuff in particular...
  5. Mic Finger

    Rob pls

    Don't do that. pls.
  6. I think that the Wayback Machine almost worked here because one of the snapshots is from December 1st 2001, and I strongly suspect that the Q&A was still available at that time. Unfortunately, when you click on the "news" section, you get transported to some point in 2005 (as evidenced by talk of Untilted, etc.). Good try, though! The Q&A, itself, by the way, was more or less like a (relatively infinitesimal) foreshadowing of AAA. These were questions submitted by Warp listeners. The tone was rather different and more combative/snarky, which seems about right for the time. I really enjoyed it, and I wish I'd had the presence of mind to copy and paste it into an word document or whatever. Seems like somebody would have done that...
  7. I'm sure that some others recall (and possibly have saved) the Autechre Q&A that appeared on Warp's website in the fall of 2001. Interesting and entertaining insight into Confield-era, and the boys were at the top of their snark game as I recall. Anyone have this or know where to find it? I've looked all over at various times throughout the years...
  8. I can see that. The snippets also do sound a bit like Minidisc (or something that could have appeared there), but that was quite the outlier for Gescom, musically. Quite the outlier in general, really.
  9. AAA 2019. Seth & Rod pls?
  10. This John Stanier really sounds like Vromb...
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