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  1. This John Stanier really sounds like Vromb...
  2. Mic Finger

    elseq 1-5

    I find a lot of it summery, actually. Tri Repete, Chiastic Slide, and Draft 7.30, especially. EP7, LP5, and Oversteps (ironically, considering Sean's AAA response to seasonality), I find most wintry.
  3. Mic Finger


    Has anyone noticed that Miami seems to flirt with Gantz Graf for a couple of minutes beginning at roughly 41:30?
  4. Mic Finger


    It doesnt have any of the elements that make acdwn what it is> the untilted-like rhythmic pattern, the space between the discrete repetitions, the melody, the brooding tone in the background.. imo not even close, its just a live track using different patches, with maybe a bit of overlap in sound source The same cadence/phraseology (as if of speech) and emphasis as well. They are dramatically different, but I think it's probably fair to suspect that they're different offshoots of the same creature. AE would have to confirm, of course.
  5. Mic Finger


    Does everyone (anyone?) see the opening track as being, basically, acdwn1, assuming acdwn2 from elseq is a radical reinterpretation of the live track?
  6. Mic Finger


    really like this idea. mine would probably have all those bits at the end of sets where c7b2 shows up in one form or another. Trying not to just go to the last 10 mins of each set, but there's so much music it's always a temptation. Yaeh, as more and more official titles for some of the pieces contained in the livesets have come to light (thanks to Elseq & NTS), identifying various stretches becomes increasingly possible. Some of these AENA sets also contain recognizable bits that weren't in the previous AE Live downloads (Latent Call, etc.).
  7. I can see that a bit, and don't throw ashtrays at me for this, but there's a bit of a PC game survival horror/sci-fi sort of vibe to it (which is not a complement from my perspective). Some of One-Six has that kind of thing running through it as well, and I have to put in some effort not to let unpleasant associations win.
  8. Mic Finger


    The bassline is oldschool Autechrean, but I don't get ae vibes from anything else. Could be something ancient that never saw the light of day, but I don't thinks so. Probably someone else's loveletter to Incunabula.
  9. https://www.tsugi.fr/autechre-en-couv-de-tsugi-116-en-kiosque-mardi-9-octobre/ This preview for an interview published on October 9th appeared online last week, but I haven't encountered a full version yet. Has anyone had the opportunity to read it?
  10. Mic Finger

    Melve midi

    Widi_Std is a useful program. Not free, but it does a better job than most of detecting voice, synth, and other sound sound sources with potentially tenuous harmonics (in my somewhat limited experience). I've not tried the Ableton option, though. The fourth option down is the one I use: https://www.widisoft.com/english/order.html You need to let it know what the BPM (of the original piece) is before exporting, or it won't align to a grid. I tap along on a Kaoss Pad to figure it out :)
  11. I don't have a problem with it, when somebody has this associations - that's subjective. If this is your association, who am I to question it? Personally I have relatively seldom picture associations to any music, and if, they vary from my personal mood. This morning (it was almost dawn yet) as I was listening to Session 4, to all end I saw a seeshore, with huge waves breaking on the cliffs. It's cliché too, but it fitted the music, I was enjoying it. But I know, the music isn't "about" the ocean, and I could have any other assiciations too. Perhaps I will in the future. But if in a review this is the only way, somebody tries to descibe a music (it's a hard job, I know), then I find it a bit lazy. Because it's only a subjective association, and says more about the person, who has this assiciations, as from the music itself, you know? All I want to say: this pictures don't help to descibe or to comprehend the music - at least not for me. I'd much rather be exposed to these cliché associations, for sure, than the more literal "I hear a broom" or "cat" or "woodpecker" that we've been doing a lot of lately.
  12. Yeah and oneum in turbile epic casual, stpl idle edit: don't hear t exx xi in t1a1 though t1a1 almost turns into a cover of Zeiss Contarex, but it seems to stop just before completely transforming. That doesn't have the same context as what you're talking about, which is more about different bits of their Max kit getting recycled, but still interesting.
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