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  1. Just announced on his Twitter: Black & Clear Vinyl Versions, 2x12" + 1x10" (Squarepusher Plays... EP) with 12 Page Booklet. Also CD/Digital and loads of new Merch available (Slipmatts!)
  2. Contrary to Balkan Vinyl's Bandcamp there's some stock left on Bleep, just managed to snatch one.
  3. Just watched a video from Wintergatan about his "Ondophone" and was reminded of the breakdown in Nerf Herder from Rave Wars: starts at 2:30, could that be a Marxaphone + Effects? starts at 0:32 may also be just a coincidence that both play the same melody
  4. He also updated the Emotinium-track on his bandcamp, now it's just Emo and the voice sample is ?reversed? halfway https://acidwaxa.bandcamp.com/album/2-late-4-love
  5. one more good reason to buy volume 1-3, forgot he had a bandcamp after rephlex closed down
  6. that voice sounds like ceephax to me
  7. when seeing them in Berlin i had the feeling that Megazine was used so the drummer could take a little break... also: In the beginning of Anstromm Feck, is the keyboard playing the reversed drum samples or am I missing some cool new effect for drummers?
  8. Maybe the Impedance of your Headphones is too great? Most mobile DACs have problems driving big Hifi-Headphones as they are designed for the usual small in-ear stuff. You might need a preamp, depending on your headphones
  9. Where you save your digital audio files should not effect the quality of the recording, i guess your tablets' DAC is just shitty.
  10. Just came back from the Berlin gig was really good (if a bit shorter than advertised) had enough storage left for 3 recordings, didn't know coopers World was already available - otherwise i would have recorded the jazz-solo mess that consumed Chunk-S :D ez_boogie_lido.mp3 a.pomf.cat/qtzsqd.mp3 Coopers_world_lido.mp3 a.pomf.cat/qnpwcg.mp3 the_swifty_lido.mp3 a.pomf.cat/kvjdvf.mp3 Regarding the guitarist: he played quite nicely, just his solos tended to be a bit high pitched for my sensitive ears (fret 20 and up mostly), same for the keyboard-guy
  11. OP posted some sampled onto soundcloud, didn't he? Also reading the circuit description in text form really messes with my head, although it seems like the patent is more for a replacement for flangers/Comb-Filters
  12. thx for the links, reads like black audio magic. although the concept used in the 60s (Beat-Oscillators) is quite cool, using techniques developed for morsing for wonky synth sounds
  13. Is there even one available? Analogue frequency changes without changing speed or waveforms sounds pretty difficult, if not impossible (conservation of information)
  14. No offence taken, i can understand your caution. Unless you are rich / famous, in which case cool... Plz join the secret Santa and send some cool shit My mum knows me, is that enough for famous?
  15. No offence taken, i can understand your caution.
  16. Solar and Wind aren't cheap, they're subsidised to fuck. Why do you think the British solar industry are complaining they're all about to go bankrupt now that Cameron is pulling the subsidies? Fusion doesn't produce nuclear waste either, the only thing you need to worry about in a fusion reaction is free protons, it doesn't directly produce any radioactive isotopes at all. Most designs would use a metal shielding around the reactor to absorb them, which would become very mildly radioactive over time (might need to be replaced every decade or so - but it wouldn't be in any way dangerous), other designs (like the spherical tokamak) even use the protons to transmute radioactive waste from fission to more stable isotopes - these designs may not be used to generate power, but just clean up waste. The costs of Solar and Wind depend on who you ask and what you compare them to - of course it's more expensive per kWh if you compare it to the fuel cost of an 30 year old coal plant, but if you start to compare it to building a brand new power plant (be it fossil or nuclear) it becomes a much better preposition (especially wind). I think researching fusion is nice and all, but I think the better option for the near future is a combination of wind/solar and better transportation and storage capacities in the grid - because that would also lead to a more robust and decentralised grid than we have now. Edit: a nice graph showing the expected cost per MWh for new powerplants Data Source: EIA, Levelized Cost of New Generation Resources in the Annual Energy Outlook 2013
  17. Me and fenton were there, but left on time for the opening act - they were loads of fun (sadly even louder than 808 state) although the venue was mostly empty at that time.
  18. And even when they will finally work nobody will want to use them, as wind/solar is already much cheaper per kWh (even disregarding the problems of radioactive byproducts in fusion reactors) Seems more like an prestige-project than anything practical.
  19. I'll try to be there in time, although no cool Ufabulum t-shirts for me (they were sold out in Berlin)
  20. Maybe he stole the robot-band from Zima, although they seem to be quite fiddly to use live
  21. Count me in! Will arrive in Central London in the early afternoon.
  22. The running order was just now published: 19:30 - DOORS 20:00 - 20:30 - The Comet Is Coming 20:30 - 21:15 - Ant TC1 & Source Direct (Metalheadz) - 'The Early Years' 21:15 - 22:15 - 808 State Live 22:15 - 22:45 - Source Direct (Metalheadz) - 'Source Direct History set' 22:45 - 23:30 - Shobaleader One Band Live - Playing '95 ~ '99 classics 23:30 - 00:00 - Jubei (Metalheadz) - 'Headz History set' 00:00 - 01:15 - Damogen Furies Live 01:15 - 02:00 - Jubei B2B Ant TC1 (Metalheadz) - 'Headz The New School' 6 hours!
  23. I remember 20 Pink Floyd being played in one of Viberts Sets, does anyone know which?
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