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  1. Looks like the Hell Interface FB page has was registered back in 2011.
  2. marcus pls doesn't have the same ring to it as sean pls or rob pls
  3. Yeah what's with the lycra wearing cycling gear middle aged Dads out cycling on weekends and are sometimes aggressively cycling to piss off cars? Are they going through some kind of mid-life crisis? Does anyone know anyone that does this and can provide an insight into these people?
  4. I have to admit that I have a soft spot for their Human After All album. I know it got a lot of hate in the music press and not many fans reference it as a milestone but it's easily their 'weirdest' release. Tunes like Technologic are catchy yet ominous at the same time. Oh and managed to seem them live back in 2007 with the pyramid stuff on set and the bass from Television Rules the Nation heard live was pretty nice. Discovery has some stand out tunes - probably peaked at that point.
  5. Century of the Self is another great one - as well as Bitter Lake and Hypernormalisation (the latter of which sort of touches on similar themes to the new documentary)
  6. I can see why they didn't release it - just feels like it wouldn't fit on any of their releases to date. Lush tune though. Which is why it would be great to have an Old Tunes boxset of some kind.
  7. Yes! I've been listening for the past couple of years. Many hilarious moments. If anyone is a fan of Vic Berger, check this out as he's one of the hosts.
  8. More interested in the TH samples than any other album yet no exploration there? That album is dense with sample snippets of which the origins are probably much more obscure than we like to think.
  9. Has anyone caught any of the new film, Can't Get You Out Of My Head? I'm only finished with episode 1 but wow, he has really firmed up nicely his theory on individualism versus collective action quite nicely in this one. Some very interesting characters even in the first episode. Looking forward to the rest of it. So far this one feels like a summary of his main arguments drawn from prior/recent works of his but the characters and drama in this one appear to be a lot more exciting and thought provoking.
  10. I have been checking out Salvatorin's soundcloud since the news of his passing and I have to say he had exceptional skills when it came to music; not only electronic music but other genres as well. One of a kind.
  11. Can anyone share anymore links to his music/art to check out?
  12. That's a beautiful track from him. RIP Salvatorin
  13. The ending of that remix, with that synth arp that fades out is simply lush. I could listen to that loop forever.
  14. Some might say that I am overdoing the compliment here but I think this AE live set from 2008 is one of the best pieces of music ever written.
  15. this is amazing, thank you to all who made this happen, including the Ae boys!
  16. It is my favourite live set from them... probably top 10 piece of music too overall. It melts my brain every time and the melodic hooks are so catchy and alien.
  17. That Nord sample sounds beautiful. Are you guys going to be putting out a complete live set with no crowd noise? I’d prefer this so we get a ‘studio’ version.
  18. How is the mastering coming along? Can a small snippet of some of the sounds from the Nord be posted please whilst we wait?
  19. Does anyone know whether we will be getting new VHS Head this year?
  20. If digit is like 70% there with the Nord G2 work on the live set replication then wouldn’t it make sense to allow him to finish it off? Does anyone know whether digit is still working on this? If he hasn’t had time to finish it off then perhaps he can share his progress with someone in this thread who has the equipment to finish it?
  21. Any update on how the live set is coming along digit?
  22. Dale


    There is some analysis on the tic tac video by the pilot that chased one (Commander Fravor) on the Rogan podcast. Another pilot that same day who carried out a separate interception caught the video we see in the press: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Eco2s3-0zsQ
  23. please do! need this during lockdown your time/efforts are greatly appreciated digit
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