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  1. lovely poster but too expensive mind you, the paper it's printed on is probably nice
  2. yeah ae are always next level though with anything new they put out
  3. Dale


    Quaristice set pls Sean pls Rob Thx for these 2015 sets though!
  4. Sounds nothing like Aphex lol seriously you guys Doesn't come anywhere near his mastery, at all.
  5. I don't hear anything that sounds remotely like BoC Northwest Territories sounds like Ciaran Byrne - that synthline matches some of his previous work
  6. Would be nice to get MFM before Xmas - always thought it has a Xmasy vibe going on
  7. Well, even if there is no recording, like I said, I'm sure they still have the live set loaded raw into their elektrons so they could release that file It's such an amazing set of music. I listen to the live recordings we have all the time but the quality is pretty poor.
  8. 2008 Quaristice set please come on Sean and Rob, you have the set programmed into your machines, pls release! pls I keep having to return to the low quality live recordings :(
  9. Dear Sean and Rob, If you don't have the soundboards from the Quaristice live set era, do you still have the live set programmed in your Elektrons to transfer to .mp3/flac? Oh it would be amazing to hear these live sets in super quality. The melodic hooks throughout are lush. Sean, Rob, pls. Thx.
  10. I think they said in the AAA thread that they didn't record any from that tour...? But surely they still have the patterns loaded into their elektrons? Could jam out the Quaristice live set now and record it
  11. Thx Sean and Rob! Would love a Quaristice soundboard - that contains some of the best music my ears have ever heard
  12. Watched the Shobaleader One band with Squarepusher on bass. Interesting but was waiting for them to play Rustic Raver (one of my fave SP tracks). I remember SP posting on twitter the playlist containing Rustic Raver that they were following for the Shobaleader One band set but it didn't appear :( Damogen Furies set was brilliant but 3/4 of the way through, he played this long segment of just what I would call 'noise' - like for a solid 10 mins. It wasn't a track. Didn't like that part at all and felt like a wasted part of the set when he could have played a known track of some sort. Oh and no Baltang Ort - wtf!? Easily one of the best tracks from Damogen Furies.
  13. The venue don't have the running order yet so where did you get this from?
  14. don't care for any of the support acts - just want to see the Damogen Furies live set
  15. would be cool to see Burial play live though - he'd get huge attendance for sure.
  16. yes it's Richard's track and said he has it 'earmarked' for a release
  17. Dale

    Go Corbyn

    Corbyn refuses to sing God Save the Queen at the Battle of Britain service today Right wing press is outraged
  18. Had any interesting conversations with M&M about their music or any older stuff they've done?
  19. How did you obtain the tapes?
  20. Dale

    Go Corbyn

    I think Corbyn got something like 250,000 first preference votes out of approx 500,000 members that's pretty massive. let the lols begin! Looking forward to it as well.
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