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  1. dusted off the tempest for a noodle
  2. Cool sounds, makes me feel like I am on a boat. I went to follow you on SoundCloud but I already am.
  3. this is dope!!! really diggin it! really nasty/dark chords a la richard... can you give any insight on that? i guess i would like it better if there wasn't so much happening at the same time, the droning phasing hi-hats kind of turn me off, i would prefer snappy minimal ones... to kind of feel the space in between, the bassline maybe one octave down and a 303, i guess it's a 303 but there's a distortion fx or something... i'm just being picky because i like the composition a lot! great track :thumbsup: Thanks mike, I would say mostly was experimenting with layering drums, also using reaktor within reason ten. Using both new synths in ten for all the synth sounds.
  4. lol, just a serious professer, well that and a clinical psychologist.
  5. douche nozzle, lol, well, you certainly destroyed him there.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/cv7/8core-h got a new comp, making sure all my shit works
  7. If Jordan peterson made beats, they would be really good. and clean up your room.
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