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  1. I think between Dark Horse Overlord and this track has a connection
  2. Photo was officialy uploaded by Sir Richard D. James himself on his soundcloud profile to which this topic is devoted. So no complain about offtop or creepy stuff please
  3. He update picture on Window Peeper Phonicuteness on hair ^^
  4. More unreleased tracks to S.A.W. I I? Daddy pls..!
  5. to Suction Records I'm still waiting when you release his ambient tracks, 'Stay Inside' and 'The Emptiness Of 230612' from sc just so perfect for my taste
  6. So many jams from his sc I only have 20 tracks, but I know if I'd discover his music earlier then there would be much more :)
  7. I still kept Dopamine track from his sc, seems that release will be nice, melodic and mellow :)
  8. Thx for this interview Find original orticle https://mobile.lesinrocks.com/2001/10/30/musique/aphex-twin-twintwin-chez-les-syldaves-11217924/
  9. btw guys, if anyone of you have VimeoPRO i can send you original video and you can upload full gig on your channel without this copyright bullshit
  10. It was opening track, he came right after
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