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  1. No, this one was yesterday. When I tried to click on the notification, it no longer opened, maybe he uploaded something and forgot to hide it immediately, or my app is buggy and sends late notifications... don't know
  2. Hey, a couple of hours ago I returned home and I had a notification on my phone from sc that user18081971 2 minutes ago added a new track, opening the app was nothing. Did anyone catch what it was?
  3. From Reddit, source unknown, 1994-95
  4. Nice one ? Mark Pritchard and Graham from Bark Psychosis are also noted in the comments. Seefeel post it on their fb and left comment on YT ?
  5. Frankly, I liked this version even more than in the album :) We must pay tribute to those who work with sound on first video, excellent work. I can only dream that they will upload full Autechre and Seefeel performance P.S. I edited text that was in description for Morse Fish. It was too google translate I didn't notice at first...
  6. A little bit weird performance.. he only hits the cymbals and that's all, everything else played by drum machine
  7. Looks like him https://www.discogs.com/ru/artist/220565-John-Parish Who is he and what does he have to do with Reload?
  8. I believe that this notorious and at the same time unique festival deserves a separate topic. And given that relatively recently two channels have opened on YouTube, whose owners took part in shooting Britronica in 1994, there’s a chance that in the future we will see previously unpublished material. So, in order. The first one is Programma «A» - the author's program of Sergey Antipov, aired on a state-owned channels from the late 80s to 2000 and in their archives the highest quality material, as they filmed professionally. Despite the fact that Sergey Antipov died five years ago, apparently one of his colleagues decided to upload the archives of his programs, all the videos were digitally remastered. They have already uploaed one issue dedicated to Britronica, but it was a replay of October 17, 1998, which showed some performances. At the end of the video, Sergey Antipov himself was shown, who said behind the scenes that they broadcasted Britronica live in 1994 on their program, so let's hope that they will release this issue over time ? Скачать видео The second is Ryba Morze (Morse Fish) a program founded by enthusiasts from Izhevsk, which aired on local television. From the description to the video: And as a bonus, I translated some author's answers on comments: Скачать видео
  9. Exclusive video from Britronika 1994 never seen before, Seefeel perform Polyfusion at 17:32. And by the way, wtf with basist ??? Did he also poisoned like Aphex Twin , but didn’t end up in the hospital? LOL Скачать видео Скачать видео
  10. Nice photographer's pseudonym "Synonym" ?
  11. Spex Magazin (Germany) • November 1996
  12. Uncut Magazine • September 2014 Caustic Window LP album review
  13. Q Magazine • March 1994 These scans was here before, but the links are long dead
  14. Richard before and after Internet 23 y. o. Richard from The Wire article: 43 y. o. Richard from Q interview:
  15. NME • January 4, 2014 From the Vaults • January 8, 1994
  16. The Wire • Issue 134 • April 1995
  17. And even if Richard didn't believe in aliens, aliens still believe in Richard
  18. Let's revive the topic a bit Q Magazine, november 2014, the greatest comback of last decade (was more recently, but more than 5 years have passed... time don't run so fast please )
  19. Since YouTube killed all tracks on video I decided upload original video https://yadi.sk/i/RspAZM0VAhoKfA
  20. I think between Dark Horse Overlord and this track has a connection
  21. Photo was officialy uploaded by Sir Richard D. James himself on his soundcloud profile to which this topic is devoted. So no complain about offtop or creepy stuff please
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