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  1. TTOJ

    Cheetah EP

    I've never been super into RDJ but I can definitely say that this is my favorite release of his. This thing has got THA FUNK!!!!
  2. Damn...would love to hear this but it don't work in 'Murica.
  3. ughhh! "Why So Serious" is sooooooo bad. I just don't get it.
  4. pretty disappointing overall with a couple highlights 20+ listens and it's not really growing on me (there's a few truly bad tracks on here) waited all these years for completely derivative music (he's caricaturizing himself)...I think he's really scared of not living up to his own myth and has (temporarily I assume) lost his fire because he's overthinking it I had high hopes after hearing Petrichor and Preen You Own Wings maybe he'll release a more solid EP with this one
  5. TTOJ


    "Black Flag obviously (Rollins is a fuckin institution!)" Henry Garfield destroyed Black Flag.
  6. TTOJ

    Bibio subforum?

    We need a new Bibio album so we can start this thread back up again!!!! ...wait...
  7. A new one just popped up...a track with the dude from Leatherette Fucking badass!!!! Give us a new album!!!!!!!!!!
  8. whoa! nice...thanks for pointing that out....both of those are awesome
  9. Bibio posted some old, kinda incomplete-sounding, tracks from 2007. here They sounds pretty sweet...wish they were a little tighter. It's really making me fiend for a new album.
  10. Obviously still digesting it all but I think my favorite so far is 28 organ. What's yours?
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