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  1. Playground in A Lake (Throttle/Deutsche Grammophon)
  2. got it on vinyl . the first 3-4 LPs fine . The rest is one long bore. will part with this box asap
  3. Think about it. This was made in 1968 !!!
  4. War movies in general yeah but for sure not this one. Its a Nolan flick ffs
  5. how many of those new tracks has been among the soundcloud releases ?
  6. Its really something. Only play like 1.30 when you cut the credits. But those 1.30-40 is one hell of a good movie. 70mm is ok but if got a change to see imax do that !
  7. how do you copy that picture of the great man ? i want to show it to some friends who says he color his hair. this is the proof that he dont !
  8. at work too that day. a 1080p rip would be super and some flac
  9. Only one runs over 30 min : Radio Aktivitet : the best one with the most reworking
  10. Agree. Its lovely. Up there among Stars of the Lid and Basinski .
  11. they got pigloads of money . they should give it away for free.
  12. He make great music but the other stuff is just fucked
  13. yeah - that is really strange. its a GREAT album . just finished with mp3 and will by the vinyl tomorrow.
  14. thanks . i will reconsider my visit there and check the website first.
  15. now we just need rich to upload a couple of tracks and then we can go bananas ;-)
  16. Wow. THANKS a lot guys. Some very interesting shops to visit !
  17. I would be happy to help richard with re-upload the whole dump. I will do it with pleasure.
  18. thanks phling will check them out . cant remember if i visited those shops last year when i was in your city. update : Space Hall . Where there last year (great place) and as i remember there was another fine shop quit close .
  19. Im off to Berlin next week. Five days I got. Will spend a single day record hunting (only vinyl) . Any shops you can recommend with a broad spectre of records ( idm,weirdo, 60s, outsider music, lounge etc) ? I will stay in Friedrichshain.
  20. maybe richard need some filthy lucres and a pay pr download of tracks will turn up. I hope so ; need some tracks mastered and in flac
  21. yes I think a new release is coming in flac please . there is a reason most of the tracks sounds really bad ( NOTHING WRONG WITH THE MUSIC mind)
  22. richard got bored with all that happiness and gratitude . closed it down for good !
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