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  1. Im PC. SO i have atleast a dozen games at any given time I have not played yet. Although the last new game I got called "Jagged Alliance 2" I could not understand at all. And I like strategy games. Looking forward to playing the witcher, bulletstorm, and dark souls though
  2. Only TV shows I like Sopranos The Office (Up till season 4)+ British Office Always Sunny in Philly TV has always felt like a waste of time to me since film and books are superior.
  3. I said I would get a gym membership once I proved I can do cardio+bodyweight exercise regularly. I even tried to stretch everyday but I always find excuses not to and then I stop caring. I know its first world problems to not have the motivation to exercise but it bothers me so much. This has to be one of the hardest choices a normal person can commit to because its so easy not to do it. I do have a pair of nike free runs I got a couple years ago that still fit. This is the bicylce I have I will try doing hills with it to prevent injury http://www.samsclub.com/sams/700c-gtx-1-bike/prod7690441.ip I also have a regular sized pool. I think I need to play a sport. I thought about tennis because I like racquetball
  4. also a couple weeks ago I tried doing the coack to 5k program BUT I want my jogging with "good form" IE not landing on my heels. SO I did just that and pivoted my torso as I took strides, I landed on the balls of my feet, and I looked straight ahead and kept my head as still as I could. It wasnt that bad especially since the first week is joggin 1 minute and walking for 1.5 mins for 20 mins. I did it the first day no problem and was very sore the next day. The second day however in the first 30 secs of jogging I got a painful feeling in my foot. It feels like a tendon that sort of goes up the side of my (left) leg. I powered through that days jog though but I still have that slight pain in my foot and am afraid of getting injured further so i have not jogged since then. I have a pool and a bicycle though so I can try that. I also did hill jogs one time and my calves and glutes were sore the next day.
  5. You people that work out consistantly. HOW DO YOU DO IT? Everytime I try I cannot do it for more than a week. I am just starting with bodyweight exercises and I will "graduate" to a gym once I can do cardio and bodyweight exercises consistantly. But when I do pushups they are so hard. I do them on bars and have good form. But I do them on my knees until I can do 20 reps and 5 sets without stopping. I also have a pullup bar and stuff but exercise is so hard. Even harder than changing my diet.
  6. i know what youa re talking about I remember reading somewhere that they mention that Incunubula and Amber were too predictable and generic or something like that. I dont know what they are talking about.
  7. This is consistantly in my top 3 albums autechre has produced. Silverside, Slip, Piezo, Further, and Teartear are absolute classics and they never get old for me. The first 3 and last 3 tracks are damn perfect in succession. Anyone else feel this way?
  8. How does Cfern not have more votes? Its like being pummeled with pillows the whole song. I love it
  9. Gave Draft some mroe listens and realize its brilliance now. I can see why people have quaristice and Draft hate. They are Aes most avant garde/experimental releases I would say.
  10. I guess its rational. I find the first half of Quar to be more interesting than all of 7.30 Any oversteps hate I dont understand
  11. prove me wrong. Draft could have been an EP with Xylin Room, 61E.CR, and Surripere and it would have been much better. I swear if you say Incunubula is their worst you are wrong.
  12. I am now realizing the genius of Quaristice. I think 7.30 is their "worst". There reallt is nothing memorable about it to me and Confield wipes the floor with it
  13. There will never be a Live Autechre boxset and that makes me upset.
  14. Damn I think I just realized the major flaw in this is that all of Confield would have to be included. What were the weakest tracks on confield? Im guessing Eidetic Casein?
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