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  1. Allize

    louis ck

    I don't even think he did anything wrong. The whole power dynamics talk is nonsense if you analyse it case by case. He only took the blame because iit was the only thing he could do PR-wise. He was held hostage by shame and the political climate.
  2. Allize

    louis ck

    just seen it it was good. Some recycled material from when I saw him live last year.
  3. Allize


    I'm also excited for this. Transhumanism is the next step, we're aldready there in some ways. I just want this thing plus some wings on my back or maybe an exoskeleton.
  4. the "you're ruining this" accusations also flew around those forums that I saw dying
  5. It's a shame because I vastly prefer this medium. Other social media is all over the place, forums resemble real life in the sense that you take the time to absorb the content. Things don't go too fast.
  6. maybe it gets worse if people acknowledge it
  7. A handful it's possibly due to the rise of other social media platforms
  8. Honestly this was a tragic and also weird as fuck. I don't know what kind of contract he signed. The fact that he never shows up is a red flag to me. He's either distanced from the project or ashamed of it.
  9. Every forum I've ever been on that started having threads like this died
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