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  1. Could be good. I like when they go all in on hypnotic sample heavy grooves. Them an Negativeland were always really great at that kind of thing. The Orb are best seen/heard live.
  2. I remember when I thought it couldn't get worse than "The Alltogether". Then came Blue and Wonky (both ok records)... I have no idea what they are doing now. I hope the new tracks on 30 are a not just accidentally good and point to a "return to form".
  3. The new tracks on the anniversary collection reignited my interest in new Orbital tunes. I hope they are a precursor.
  4. Cro Magnox (a personal favorite of mine) was after United Acid Emirates. Camelot Arcade was also really nice. I like where Ceephax is and I hope he keeps doing it. Who would fill his spot if he went full IDM? It would be cool to hear what he did in an alternate reality, but I personally really enjoy his style in this one.
  5. This is the first from Daphni that, in my opinion stands with Swim and Andorra. I love Caribou, drove halfway across the US to see them play (yeah, probably too far). After hearing this, I don't even care if Caribou is over (if they are). First things I heard from Daphni were ok but didn't seem like fully realized albums or eps, more like DJ fodder, this is not that. For me it bridges the gap between Caribou and Daphni and its perfect. I have a strong feeling Caribou is over and Daphni is it now, I'm good with it (if that's actually the case). I feel strong early Underworld vibes on this release, not to mention my first thought being "is this early orbital 2.0?". Strong recognition of past influence but also has a touch that is only his. Great album.
  6. Shocked this thread has two (now three) posts. Albums great.
  7. Just when I thought it was time to write off Orbital after the past few releases, this happens. These new tracks and reworks of the classics are very good. Was not at all expecting it to be this good.
  8. Always wondered why they never got a "watmm page" guess you gotta be (or have been) on warp or rephlex to get one of those. Can't wait to hear part 2 of this "trilogy".
  9. I submitted an inquiry with Songkick. all of the dates listed have different artists playing on official venue's calendars on the corresponding nights. Weird. Darn.
  10. Any idea if and/or when Philadelphia tickets go live? Show is in 10 days and still no word on ticket sales.
  11. I already have all of these, some in pretty piss poor quality (lunatic harness is worn out). Would be cool to refresh but I do have an attachment to them. It would make me feel sad to not have my originals anymore. Can't deny it's tempting; this is my some of my favorite stuff from him, I like Tusken Raiders a lot too.
  12. Rituals vinyl available to purchase through Rough Trade "shortly". So the website says. The Future Sound Of London - Rituals - Vinyl LP – Rough Trade
  13. Yes, this. They are some of my favorite FSOL releases. Especially 6, that albums is so so good. So this will be available digitally? I really hope so.
  14. Talking about "mystery artists", whatever happened to Guavid? The EP he put out on Analogical Force is one of, if not my favorite releases on that label. Does he release under any other names? Does he have more music beyond the Wathorn Wieib EP? I'd love to know.
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