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  1. I already have all of these, some in pretty piss poor quality (lunatic harness is worn out). Would be cool to refresh but I do have an attachment to them. It would make me feel sad to not have my originals anymore. Can't deny it's tempting; this is my some of my favorite stuff from him, I like Tusken Raiders a lot too.
  2. Rituals vinyl available to purchase through Rough Trade "shortly". So the website says. The Future Sound Of London - Rituals - Vinyl LP – Rough Trade
  3. Yes, this. They are some of my favorite FSOL releases. Especially 6, that albums is so so good. So this will be available digitally? I really hope so.
  4. Talking about "mystery artists", whatever happened to Guavid? The EP he put out on Analogical Force is one of, if not my favorite releases on that label. Does he release under any other names? Does he have more music beyond the Wathorn Wieib EP? I'd love to know.
  5. I really like Itsame but I do agree with you. Poly-Ana sounds better to me. The Kids Are AI, Bunker and Epi-Log my favorite releases for sure though.
  6. After hearing this set, it quickly became one of my all-time favorite mixes. Always raises my spirits. When Tsim comes on, I always smile.
  7. bwe is bwe. good music doesn't always need a face or a name behind the art. this music doesn't sound like anyone but bwe. all bwe sounds like bwe and it all sounds great to me. itsame is pretty good, i personally enjoy his/hers/their eps most of all, especially bunker and the kids are ai. what i don't understand is when people call them ripoff or sound-alike artists, yeah, some artists definatly chase sounds from influences, i really think bwe fell into their own sound. sure influences seem worn proudly but it really is music i consider unique to them and them alone. question? whats with the "ironic" comments? not being a smartass, just don't get the joke.
  8. I reckon it was worth it. Didn't notice the price was in AU. Not nearly as bad.
  9. Spaceship of Death This sounds great. But is it rude to ask, why so expensive?
  10. Hope to see his Skam releases show up.
  11. Nevermind. I found the address on their Facebook page. Odd to see a storefront with no contact info.
  12. Sorry if its weird to come here to ask but I am having a hard time finding a way to contact fsoldigital.com about an order issue. The site has no contact information that I can find and web searches are giving no results. I apologize if I overlooked something obvious but am hoping someone here could help in any way. Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction. Appreciate any info I could get.
  13. Waiting for Vibert releases has to be the most difficult for me. Even after this summer's massive trilogy, I'm still dying for this. Love the massive teaser track and fantastic album art, I just can't wait to wear this one out. Modern Rave is already an instant classic. This man just doesn't stop!
  14. i agree, there are a lot embellishments.
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