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  1. Very cool. I love finding out little things like that. For instance, some of the female vocals on Lifeforms are done by Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, a band I've loved for ages. Connections like that are neat to me.
  2. I buy their calendar every year because of how much I love their artwork. It represents an era that can never be replicated. Pushing art made on once high end PCs to an uncanny extreme, because it was impossible to avoid, due to hardware limitations. The ones who embraced this made truly timeless imagery. The cg stuff trying to look "real", from back then, mostly looks embarrassing now. Lifeforms is my favorite album cover to this day. I agree with you about Dead Cities, except its not my favorite, I like Environment Six or Accelerator the most. Its so great that they are pretty active again, just wish fsoldigital wasn't so slow. Cheers!
  3. What happened, who thinks this is OK? The original two sites were near perfect. Its almost like, from there, they tried to make things incrementally more ugly and hard to navigate. Its hard to wrap my head around what went into making it so fucking terrible. Only bringing this up because I accidentally landed on the site for the first time in almost two years and it blew me away.
  4. Eat Static live is surprisingly nuts. He's a madman, so much fun. This was about 20 years ago, but from what I've seen, he's still quite into it!
  5. Just me, or is this somewhat fantastic? The bonus EP especially.
  6. Ok, I just got the email from FSOLdigital. Looks like it was released early?
  7. This is so fucking exciting! If I was younger, I'd buy the beautiful black & white T along with the record. Unfortunately, I'm now old and fiscally responsible, so its flac for me. Available as preorder? It looks like its out 7/7.
  8. Does anyone here know who did the track labeled as "1st 44" on the faked leak? I like that track quite a bit and would like to know who is behind it. Its the one that is 4:43 in length, 128kbps.
  9. I really lost track of time I assumed it was 1:00 am when he went on, felt like he played for closer to three hours! FANTASTIC NIGHT! Shout out to The Good Room! Awesome little spot. Great lighting and atmosphere. Really decent sound system too!
  10. I don't normally reach out like this but...does anyone happen to have 1 extra ticket for this show? Message me if you have an extra and maybe we could work something out (not trying to pay more than face value for the ticket but maybe have something to give for appreciation. Hope its OK to ask here? I promise I am not a scalper, just wanted to be clear on that.
  11. Am I blind or is there no thread for this in "new & upcoming releases"? No love for this "featured artist"? If there is a thread, please don't yell at me, or do and just delete this post. I'm really digging this ep. Especially "Brittle". https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af015-ziq-d-funk-ep-2018
  12. Yeah...there was about 30 minutes where the files were available. I'd not clicked pre-order on the digitals, but it shouldn't be out until April. Mega thanks for the speedy support ;) Hey Richie, send me a PM and I'll see what we can do. There's been a lot of delays at the plant so some of our releases have been delayed a little bit. This Rognvald 12" shouldn't have any delays though.....fingers crossed! Feel kind of bad getting it early. I really love it, thank you for making music :) I promise to keep it to myself.
  13. So, I bought the vinyl this morning and immediately downloaded the flac files. Now they are gone. Did I get this full download by mistake?
  14. Formula Fusion: EMLLJ-BP8DJ-YYK0W redeem on STEAM https://www.formulafusiongame.com Backstory. This is a game from some of the the original Wipeout team and the shut down Studio Liverpool (modern Wipeout devs). This is the "real" successor to Wipeout I suppose. Designers Republic are also behind most, (if not all?) of the look and design. Really good game, not perfect. Not a surprise that there a some minor issues considering the size of the team and the lack of a publisher. Just redeem it on Steam, "games" tab, "activate product on steam" Please reply verifying you got it. bye. I think this will work, as long as the bottom of the message isn't missed. I have the rules refreshed and read to me through text to speech every hour, starting now.
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