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  1. Got my very talented little brother play some slap bass over synth pads etc. and gave it the *vaporwave treatment* reminded me of some old track by Luxury Elite, thus "luxury bies"
  2. Thanks guys ❤️ Well there's a bit more of the same here. For some reason I put it in my other project.. maybe it's a bit more shitty sounding. Went crazy with pitch shifting samples and all that.
  3. I think I have a hi-pass filter at 30hz or something. Why?
  4. Might as well slap this one here too. Similar stuff:
  5. I started getting back to my old method of making choons, which is basically masturbatory self-sampling and deliberately shitty saturated sound with no high-end. Kinda pleased with it, although I'm not sure how the low end works on a good system. I just had my really small genelecs and a sennheiser headphones.
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      Wicked! I never did get a notice from that mailing list I signed up to in the early 2000's... 

  6. That tattoo bothers me so much. It would somewhat ok if it was just a door opening but why would you want that bucket hat wearing boomer creep on your chest?
  7. Gonna get some coffee and play Minecraft. Hoping to find some diamonds.
  8. Doin your mom doin doin your mom Doin your mom doin doin your mom
  9. going through this thread
  10. Listening to Mozart. That some people listen to rap rather than Mozart is objective proof that some people are stupid.

    1. barbu


      Listen to Mozex

    2. StephenG




  11. Nice. Deece sounding jungle. Bass sounds nice and deep. I'd only suggest using a bit of EQ in the low mids 200-350hz-area in the drums, especially the snare. The drums are so frantic that at least to my ears those lowmid frequencies start to tire my ears a bit. Otherwise this is pretty nice sounding jungle.
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