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  1. I've watched a few Key and Peele sketches ages ago and Yotube still seems to think I FUCKING LOVE them.
  2. Oh so he did die. Saw him once live. rip. 😪 Not Rush's best songs by far but I've always loved those drum fills
  3. Not gonna bother with a new thread but I've been getting back to making music just for *fun* without trying too much. Some kind of retrowave or whatever. I like to play around with vocal samples and not bother too much about if the words are intelligible.
  4. They are. Best DLC ever, actually good fresh content to the main game. I especially loved Blood & Wine as it brought a whole new map with to the game with sidequests and all. I'm currently playing Witcher 3 for the third time and it's still fun. Last time I played I actually got a bad ending with Ciri dying. It felt pretty depressing. Funny how there are many different choices you can make but sometimes I just can't bear to take the morally wrong choice, even though it would result in something I've never seen before. This run I'm going strictly Team Yennefer so IDGAF when Triss is being tortured. Heh.
  5. Yeah! Thanks for the tips. And yeah I did use short grain sushi rice, rinsed it about four times or until the water came out clear.
  6. Welp. this is what my first attempt at sushi looks like. Tastes pretty ok.
  7. Today I'm going to try making sushi for the first time. Probably will try california and philadelphia rolls because the ingredients were easy to get and I don't wanna mess with fresh fish at this point yet. I've tried making sushi rice a couple of times now and I think I can make decent rice. We'll see how it'll turn out. If anyone has any newbie tips, I'd be happy to read them.
  8. Is it good? I remember hearing that it's pretty bad or at least not faithful to the lore or something.
  9. Watched The Witcher. One friend who wasn't familiar with the lore did enjoy the show too but I still think that having read some of the books and played the games helps getting into the series. I thought it kept getting better towards the end of the season. Quite good IMO. A bit all over the place but I think the first season is a lot about world building and setting up the characters. What I've read is that the second season will be structured differently. More linear and coherent. Looking forward to it.
  10. Couldn't resist, had to reinstall Witcher 3. New Game + and a couple of mods to make the inventory a bit more easier to handle.
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