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  1. heh Does this sound like english to native speakers?
  2. A huge big budget production movie. A serious Nolan type thing with a Zimmer soundtrack and A-list actors. Super well done drama and action that really has the audience on the edge of their seats. But all that is just for the absurd ending to which the whole movie has build up to. The hero and the antagonist are fighting the big last fight but then suddenly the hero farts and looks straight into the camera and says "LOL FART" and the end credits roll up super fast with benny hill sax theme playing up sped up and the lights turn instantly back on in the cinema.
  3. I'll just make this one thread where I can spam my tracks without always making a new topic etc. I made some simple house. Quite happy with how it sounds. Had to tune the vocal sample around a bit because the first mix sounded way too out of tune. I don't mind a bit of dissonance if it sounds cool. Like many older house and jungle tracks have samples that tonally have little to do with the bassline or synths yet it sounds good. In this case though it was too off. Now it's a bit too chipmunkish but at least it's not as bad anymore. I mostly tried to make variation to the track by volume
  4. Even considering that more of Trump could be the better option. Lol.
  5. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/trump-twitter-press-conference-four-seasons-landscaping-philadelphia-b1672602.html
  6. This is a little ep of ambient lofi bits I've made recently. I sort of tried to make these short tunes that conjure up feelings of loneliness and isolation with a bit of nostalgia. https://0-1983.bandcamp.com/album/nomad
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