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  1. https://everpress.com/sex-man-omfg
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Can't be arsed to go back and change anything tbh. It is what it is. Anyway, a new track
  3. New track. First one mixed with my new KRK's. A big improvement to my monitoring situation. Probably far from perfect but now I at least feel like I hear what I'm doing. I actually prefer YT to Soundcloud, because Youtube sounds better to me, but no point in not uploading to SC. Also I feel that random people are more likely to click on an YT link rather than SC. Maybe..
  4. Today I was just trying out some plugins and made a few bars of music for that but it turned out a complete track.
  5. New url because made some changes to the mix
  6. Chill nighttime drive vibes I guess. A mix of chill house and synthwave maybe? Just went more for nice ambient textures with a nice beat. Also first track trying out Arturias prophet and cs-80 vst's I recently purchased.
  7. We have a decent wood fired outdoor pizza oven and when it gets a bit warmer, it'll be back in use. I'm getting bored of making the same margharita everytime or some slight variation. Really interested in trying out pizza bianca, ones with no tomato sauce, calzone and that sort of stuff. If you have some cool recipes, I'd be interested. I personally don't eat meat besides some seafood so if you have something that fits that category - great! If it's something with meat it's ok too, I can make it for some folks who want to eat that stuff.
  8. just a pic I took the other day on my walk
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