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  1. lol boomer gets banned on twitter and thinks it's a human rights issue. ugh get a life
  2. Thanks! I prefer having the vox lower in the mix, they're just another element there.
  3. old link got fucked, here it is fr
  4. we make a little electro with some lush verbs and delays
  5. Yea I sort of found my own thing when I got into making things sounds shitty on purpose.. lol. I just autotune and splice the shit out of voc tracks and add bunch of fx. I don't really care if the actual words make any sense. I don't know which is my fav track, it changes. But this is def my personal fav album I've done https://thiefinger.bandcamp.com/album/planetary-tones Don't know if anyone else hears it the same way but I just like the vibe there, never quite managed to recreate it later on. Was into Silent Hill 1 and 2 ost's and Twin Peaks while doing that. Well maybe the first 2 tracks are a bit cringe but the rest is good imho. Actually with QHP, I would say this is my fav I've done with that project. https://qualityheadprofile.bandcamp.com/album/things-that-i-do I had a really specific workflow while making those tracks, a mix of jamming and then editing those jams + adding stuff. Too bad I can't remember how I did it back then. Oh well
  6. I'm working on a new track, it'll be ready soon. BUT I decided to post some oldies on my SC because why not? These are fun tracks--- PLEASE CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST TOO There's a couple I didn't link but just check my SC for those. OK SO I also decided to make a SC account for my super old tracks, like from 2011-2013 when I was just learning to make this stuff (haven't got far lol) There's some cringy stuff but also some fun stuff. I didn't know how to mix the low end back then so it's pretty muddy in most tracks
  7. Used some more interesting chords here than usual. I think I'll keep up with that.
  8. https://everpress.com/sex-man-omfg
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