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  1. Listening to Mozart. That some people listen to rap rather than Mozart is objective proof that some people are stupid.

    1. barbu


      Listen to Mozex

    2. StephenG




  2. Nice. Deece sounding jungle. Bass sounds nice and deep. I'd only suggest using a bit of EQ in the low mids 200-350hz-area in the drums, especially the snare. The drums are so frantic that at least to my ears those lowmid frequencies start to tire my ears a bit. Otherwise this is pretty nice sounding jungle.
  3. Haven't used that but I have used Maschine mk2 as a midi controller on Cubase and had that problem. I haven't really solved it either but once reading about this issue I saw people saying that the shitty usb cable that came with the mk2 might be to blame. Don't know, Haven't tried switching.
  4. Nice. Can't wait to hear it with proper sound.
  5. Been a while since I've done a "serious" track. I wanted this to be a bit of a jam than something with a strict structure, but still have some variation. I think the mix is ok, I couldn't really check it with decent speakers but I my car stereo usually tells me if there's anything seriously wrong. Also the pic associated is a think I drew a while ago. It looks nice imo. btw if someone could suggest a better genre for this than "synthwave", i'd like to hear it. I don't really know what this is.
  6. mel brooks is still alive apparently
  7. paska homo vittu saatana pellekoulun priimukset rivissä runkkaamassa
  8. i just want a daredevil type batman netflix series. like a good take on the lore. not some edgy alternative take but just a good honest entertaining live action take on it. i think that is something that we've never had on this material. it's always some stupid hollywood take on things., edit: let me say it one more time... "take" also this has to do with this joker thing that you know... more edgy hollywood shit on this lore but never an honest take on the actual lore that has been established in the comics since forever. i'm a batman fan
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