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  1. Used some more interesting chords here than usual. I think I'll keep up with that.
  2. https://everpress.com/sex-man-omfg
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Can't be arsed to go back and change anything tbh. It is what it is. Anyway, a new track
  4. New track. First one mixed with my new KRK's. A big improvement to my monitoring situation. Probably far from perfect but now I at least feel like I hear what I'm doing. I actually prefer YT to Soundcloud, because Youtube sounds better to me, but no point in not uploading to SC. Also I feel that random people are more likely to click on an YT link rather than SC. Maybe..
  5. Today I was just trying out some plugins and made a few bars of music for that but it turned out a complete track.
  6. New url because made some changes to the mix
  7. Chill nighttime drive vibes I guess. A mix of chill house and synthwave maybe? Just went more for nice ambient textures with a nice beat. Also first track trying out Arturias prophet and cs-80 vst's I recently purchased.
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