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  1. We have a decent wood fired outdoor pizza oven and when it gets a bit warmer, it'll be back in use. I'm getting bored of making the same margharita everytime or some slight variation. Really interested in trying out pizza bianca, ones with no tomato sauce, calzone and that sort of stuff. If you have some cool recipes, I'd be interested. I personally don't eat meat besides some seafood so if you have something that fits that category - great! If it's something with meat it's ok too, I can make it for some folks who want to eat that stuff.
  2. just a pic I took the other day on my walk
  3. Longest track I have uploaded anywhere is probably this, which is 11:29 https://qualityheadprofile.bandcamp.com/track/oh-boy
  4. P pleased with this. Ethereal sounds etc. Also - started uploading tracks on youtube so LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE 😤
  5. I'd say the best entry point is Yakuza 0 and after that play Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2. Those are absolutely fantastic games. The battle system in Yakuza 7 has changed into a turn based jrpg style battle. It is fun but totally different from the previous ones. To get the best Yakuza experience I totally recommend starting from Yakuza 0 which is a fantastic game.
  6. Synthwave of some sorts I guess. This just started out from adding more stuff on top of a synth pad and finally grew into a whole choon.
  7. A quick retrowave choon for 2021. 😡
  8. Yakuza - Like a dragon very good. Battle system is now jrpg style but it's nice anyway. I love Kiryu but Ichiban is a great character too. I love these games.
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