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  1. Longest track I have uploaded anywhere is probably this, which is 11:29 https://qualityheadprofile.bandcamp.com/track/oh-boy
  2. P pleased with this. Ethereal sounds etc. Also - started uploading tracks on youtube so LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE 😤
  3. I'd say the best entry point is Yakuza 0 and after that play Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2. Those are absolutely fantastic games. The battle system in Yakuza 7 has changed into a turn based jrpg style battle. It is fun but totally different from the previous ones. To get the best Yakuza experience I totally recommend starting from Yakuza 0 which is a fantastic game.
  4. Synthwave of some sorts I guess. This just started out from adding more stuff on top of a synth pad and finally grew into a whole choon.
  5. A quick retrowave choon for 2021. 😡
  6. Yakuza - Like a dragon very good. Battle system is now jrpg style but it's nice anyway. I love Kiryu but Ichiban is a great character too. I love these games.
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