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  1. I have never listened to anything else but Aphex Twin
  2. Iloista vappua!

  3. 35 hours into Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. Mixed feelings. Technically this game looks really good and it's just fascinating to go around looking at the world. Also the story itself is interesting and you can see Dutch turning into the villain he was in the RDR1. But then on the other hand the missions are really linear and repetitive, it's more like an interactive movie than a game at some points. Also the cover-shooting bits are getting really boring. I get that this game goes more into the "experience" category than an actual game where you have to make your own decisions and master the mechanics etc. Of course between the main missions you can go around in the world doing whatever and that's nice. I'll gladly play this game to the end but I think that in the future I'll be spending my money on something that is more fun to actually play. I haven't yet finished the story so something might still surprise me..
  4. Yeah. I've done a lot of the side stuff already, because I was sort of saving the main quests so that I wouldn't go through them too fast. It's just the empty feeling when you've sort of already finished the game and just doing other stuff in the open world. I always like to keep the main story active while doing sidequests and activities in open world games so it feels there's this big goal still ahead.
  5. Finished the main story on AC: Origins. A bit disappointing tbh, I was waiting for something grander for the end. To me the last missions didn't feel much different from all the other quests. Of course there's still loads of side activities in the game, but after finishing the main story I don't know I feel like grinding them. Anyway, it was a nice game that so far has given me 52 hours of gameplay. Next I think I'll play Tomb Raider from 2013, I got it recently when Steam gave it out for free for a limited time.
  6. 40 hours into Assassins Creed Origins. I sort of like this franchise although it definitely has its shortcomings. This is a pretty fun game. The stealth mechanics work great and my favorite parts are infiltrating enemy bases and taking them out silently. There's also quite a bit of grinding which is a bit meh at times but overall it's ok. Also the setting is great. I love going around ancient Egypt and checking out all the places. Not an instant classic by any means but a well made game in a good franchise.
  7. yea taking care of your mental health should be pretty high up the priority list. i've read some corona -subreddits and some people are getting really mentally unstable because of all this. just follow all the precautions etc. but other than that.. chill if you can. a bad emotional state doesn't help anyone. easier said than done for most, personally i'm quite lucky to live in a relatively small finnish town and i can avoid people pretty easily. but yeah.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw3e64sosEg
  9. Just grinded some coffee beans and made a nice cuppa with my french press. I took a sip while walking and the movement made a bit of coffee go into my mouth and fall back into the cup. Now I feel ever so slightly uncomfortable about my coffee.
  10. A great time for spring allergies. Totally not increasing paranoia.
  11. from the comments of this video: Sanguine16 hours ago (edited) I was confirmed positive Covid 19 today. Better now. My symptoms: Monday evening: face feeling flush and headache. Tuesday: Minor upper respiratory mucus and low grade fever. Tues night the worst body aches I've had ever that i recall. Felt like i was in a bad car accident. Weds: Aches continue & low grade fever. Weds evening, fever broke. Friday morning aches resolved. Never had a cough. But did have to clear some mucus few times a day from throat.
  12. This is a compilation of lofi jams I made like two years ago or something. I just hadn't remembered to upload the darn thing, so here it is. https://qualityheadprofile.bandcamp.com/album/baktraks
  13. https://www.chucktingle.com/getwellsoon.html
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