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  1. Great tune i believe the artist wrote this about a MPC Trade that never happened :)
  2. Here is his new LP https://alteredaxis.bandcamp.com/releases
  3. Sounds like DMX Krew -Very nice
  4. 101 chimes and kepler 62E is pretty good,
  5. Would love to have a valid link to the complete Soundcloud files --can someone please upload again Thanks in advance
  6. d2ba


    Here is a new one from my mates---love this tune even more makes time stand still for me when i hear it on bandcamp if you dig it :)
  7. https://soundcloud.com/diem-redux/diem-redux_qui-tantus not mine but posting for some mates ---love this tune Out on bandcamp
  8. http://www.dubstudio.co.uk/dubplates/ used them before and your music sounds different once its on a plate for sire
  9. Any tips where this can go--welcome--its a live DJ mix Using Vinyl to DJM-700 roll sampler & TR-626 manual sync https://soundcloud.com/hr0/work-that-body-hr-mix sample:-Taana Gardner - Work That Body
  10. get a dubplate cut its excellent and worthy of a plate
  11. First track : Untitled https://soundcloud.c...i-rough/s-3TNNu second track:- Cafe Racer ........https://soundcloud.com/hr0/cafe-racer/s-fENJW
  12. sorry private link only to WATMM members .......https://soundcloud.com/hr0/121510-vi-rough/s-3TNNu
  13. https://soundcloud.com/hr0/121510-vi-rough
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