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  1. Hey all, posted a few more new mixes of old tunes:
  2. Beautiful, again I really love the organ tone in the beginning and throughout. Love the pattern theme. Not much that I can say other than it ends too soon! Also your mixes are really nice, what sort of setup do you use?
  3. Selling my Traktor Kontrol S2 in perfect working condition. Just cleaned it so it looks great. The box is in bad shape but I'll be shipping it in a bigger box with a lot of bubble wrap so don't worry. Comes with a dual RCA as well as old stickers. DOES NOT come with Traktor Pro 2 or Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224052220678 Also I made a youtube video of me demoing the thing to show that it works.
  4. Yeah I remember learning that. Also "Yo" is a nice combo of "Yes" and "No"
  5. Damn I love watching his administration scramble to fix things whenever he runs his mouth
  6. I've never seen someone manage to turn drinking water into such a defiant gesture Assuming that is water
  7. Finally an EKT. Moving up in this world
  8. Dammit Destinesia is way better too Also has it been said, that English lacks a word, which exists in many languages, which is a word to say "yes" in contradiction to a negative statement? This has always been a cause of confusion among English speakers, for example: "You didn't go to the movies did you?" How do you contradict that and say "On the contrary, I did go to the movies!" I know in French the word is "si." I nominate any of the following for English: "Yee", "Yo", "Yay", "Yot", "Yop", or "Yeet".
  9. "Oblivitence" - The state of having walked into a room for a specific purpose and completely forgotten what that purpose was.
  10. I actually really really dig this, from the outset, such a lush sound, and it builds up so well throughout the track. No recommendations or anything, everything needed is there and nothing more. What is that high pitched synth from the beginning and throughout? I love that organ-like sound.
  11. The idea is really good but it sounds kind of like the main synth is not quite synced up with the beats, which is a bit off-putting, also what TheBro said. The pad towards the end is actually really cool, I think it ought to come in earlier. It seems like there's a lot that could be done with it though, the drum programming is really good.
  12. If David Bowie was high on ketamine and not coke
  13. Very cool, I get what the others were saying about repetitive stuff but I think this totally linear non-pattern based stuff is wicked, always something unexpected. Sounds like pure sonic experimentation, like something out of a chemical laboratory expressed in sound... I could sit at a modular synth for hours and let it tickle my ears
  14. I really appreciate the honest feedback, it's good to know people are actually listening and critiquing on here. I'm gonna hopefully post some more of these new mixes soon. Thanks for the listens!
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