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  1. Has no one mentioned Last Podcast on the Left? True crime/serial killers/cults/aliens/conspiracy theory presented from a comedic angle. Also all the podcasts on that network (Roundtable of Gentlemen, The Brighter Side, Wizard & the Bruiser, Page 7) are great. Sorry if someone has mentioned it already, too lazy to pore through this thread.
  2. Very big sound! The generative aspect does not take away from the cadence or musicality which is impressive.
  3. Gotta nother one comin' at ya. Very proud of this one.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. This is what the old version sounded like: Two big things: -Replaced the synth line in the beginning with a sample cuz I felt the synth line was kinda drab. -The original was insanely muddy, so I ended up cutting out a ton of low mids from the mix. Listening back to the new mix, I think you might be right that I went a bit too far in cutting some of the lows out, it's a little thin. Might try to bring some of that back.
  5. I seriously dig this - especially that beautiful arp and the string tone around the middle. Lush af
  6. Hi all, During COVID, as an exercise in learning how to mix my tracks well, I've dug up a shite-ton of old ambient/IDM tracks I made back in high school and tried my best to mix each of them very well. There's like upwards of 150-200 of them so I will be posting 'em all to this thread regularly. Feedback (especially mixing feedback) is encouraged. Enjoy!
  7. Cool sounds! I love the industrial ambiance feel on this one. Very cool visuals as well.
  8. That was really nice, took me to a good place this xmas eve morning...
  9. This is really good, lots of energy on this album and you've got a unique sound... Love Metaphor Morning etc. and Polynova You have my contribution!
  10. Cool! Me bought. You should really write video game music.
  11. Beautiful chords! Really unique progression, also just love that chorusy piano tone..
  12. This is really great, those breakbeats have a really cool tone that matches the vibe of the track, I don't know what you did to them but it's awesome. And yes the vocals definitely remind me of burial... I guess it's the spookiness of putting soul vocals under a ton of reverb. Sounds great
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