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  1. Some more old dark ambient tunes that I will be releasing on an album soon:
  2. Love Comeback! James Brown somehow works so well as an IDM sample. I think there is something inherently funky about Autechre (and all IDM in general, especially more beat-based tunes...)
  3. You have a distinctive style, very much reminiscent of that UK dubstep but maybe more jittery/glitchy and with some ambient touches, it's pretty fuckin phat and satisfying ๐Ÿ™‚ So cool to see all the different influences people build on in this forum...
  4. There is so much music here that it is hard to know where to begin! I just listened to some of these but not all, will try to get to all of them bc I dig it heavy... I am sucker for really weird noisy experimental stuff so I really like the weirder stuff such as "po-14 fun 1" and "2"... but I also have a soft spot for trance so I dig 00-STHYRU ๐Ÿ˜ (seems like that kinda music doesn't get a lot of love on here...) Also really dig Phat Hippos, phat breaks on that one :) Overall nice work, will keep you on my radar...
  5. New jungle tune!!! Also, I posted ALL of my oldskool jungle tunes on Bandcamp: Music | Kid President (bandcamp.com) Thanks all!!!
  6. Thanks so much!! It really means a lot for me. I'm familiar with this site and that's sort of what I was going for!! Something that could serve as background music for an exploratory video game etc..
  7. Ok, here goes. I finally got around to releasing a bunch of ambient/synth prog tracks I made a long time ago and just recently mixed to sound better. Put them together in an album and what do you get...
  8. Love the downtempo vaporwave vibes... I actually really dig this I feel that it is good for my brain
  9. These are awesome. This is late but I love the Donkey Kong references. I grew up playing the DK Country games so that was a blast from the past. Also love the music video for Excavation. How do you make these videos?
  10. Has no one mentioned Last Podcast on the Left? True crime/serial killers/cults/aliens/conspiracy theory presented from a comedic angle. Also all the podcasts on that network (Roundtable of Gentlemen, The Brighter Side, Wizard & the Bruiser, Page 7) are great. Sorry if someone has mentioned it already, too lazy to pore through this thread.
  11. Very big sound! The generative aspect does not take away from the cadence or musicality which is impressive.
  12. Gotta nother one comin' at ya. Very proud of this one.
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