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  1. It’s not that bad if you wait for sales etc The one offer that expires for black Friday in a few hours you can buy any 6 UAD plugins for £259 (£43.16 each) The big sales happen twice a year, so wait if you really wanted something.
  2. I watched an episode of the bbc musk documentary and lolled that the commie rocket guys flobbed on him 😂
  3. I remember trying to play Skate after lots of Tony Hawk…. I’m pretty sure that the triangle button (which put you into a grind on Tony) would bail you in Skate… Serves me right for being a button masher I guess 😂
  4. Why is Sean Booth mentioned in the picture bottom right???
  5. Who else felt like Sean was speaking directly to them 😂
  6. Kumba’Ye’ my Lord, Kumba’Ye’…. Over a boom bap 808 (the Behringer clone of course) Ye comes in spouting his bullshit…. NFT - (it’s ‘art’ and ‘spiritual’ 💰💰💰) even with my 25% he will be well on his way back to the $2 billion…. I would then spend some of my cut of the money getting the guy some help he clearly needs. Where’s his friends at??
  7. They need to start making knitted deck savers for analog synths…. Keep them warm and ‘stable’ 😂
  8. Thanks for taking the time to reply mate. I had another listen today and unfortunately I stand by my initial findings and can’t say it’s a good mix in my opinion. for example around 45 minutes the sub drowns every thing that much that the other percussion sounds like someone feebly knocking a door - in fact hardly anything can punch thru the low end. To compare I put on the New York set from 2015 and also the quaristice soundboard and they both sounded immense - huge bass but the snares etc crack thru (chenc9 section is fabulous) and the synths are all clearly heard with plenty of depth. The difference between those two and the Helsinki set is night and day to my ears. Whatever though, I didn’t pay for it etc so I’m not complaining. I just found it strange that there seems to be a difference of opinion about it.
  9. I have a reasonable system for playback consisting of mainly a Cambridge Audio amp, Acoustic Energy floor standing speakers and a Sony subwoofer. The room isn’t treated (it’s in my lounge) but you can crank it up and it gives a ‘Club vibe’ if you want but the normal volumes I listen at it’s got decent clarity and depth. I often tweak the sub level a db or so depending on what I’m listening to to balance the spectrum a little but nothing drastic. I have only listened to the Helsinki soundboard a couple of times when it got released and pretty much did the opposite to Mr Fields suggestion and cut nearly all the volume from the low end as it was completely unlistenable at my ‘standard’ settings. The second half improved but I honestly came here to read up in case there was a rogue file going about that was all messed up I thought it was so out of balance (imo of course) - the other soundboards translate really well on my speakers (from the older tours) so I really don’t know what to think. People said the gig was a pummelling bass fest so maybe drowning everything out with sub bass was the intention…. Out of interest, people who are really enjoying it, what you playing it on?
  10. I think that the problem is that as an electronic ‘musician’, certainly when a solo act, you do everything, drums, bass, lead, vocals etc and the closest thing in the acoustic instrument world is the one man band (them dudes with the bass drum on their back, cymbals between the knees and a kazoo etc on a coat hanger….) Joining a band could be an option and have a focus instrument - synths are the obvious but a good pianist should be a good synth player in my mind. Ulrich Schnauss live was always interesting as he played keys live over I’m guessing backing tracks. Seemed more ‘live’ than just pressing boxes etc. All of it needs skills of some sort.
  11. If I owned this I would send it to a dress maker to make copies in a range of sizes and get a stall at all the synth shows and modular meets…. make a fucking fortune 😂 it could bring a new golden age to idm if producers started wearing uniform.
  12. You fucked up there Sean. Enjoy walking through passport control into a crowd of people holding up signs saying ‘Sean PLS’ 😂 If your ‘taxi driver’ starts asking you to name his/her Monotron you have gotten in the wrong car….
  13. Quell my GAS please… If you had a Machinedrum would you have bought the LXR?? I forget how deep the MD is at times and if you dig deeper there are huge possibilities. Sometimes too much for my brain and I use it for more mundane percussion duties than it deserves at times. I initially GASSED for the Perkons HD and then it passed when I realised it has more in common with the MD than the Pulsar 23 that people tended to compare it against. That comparison is more to do with form factor than sound ability imo. anyway, I like the look and sound of the LXR but not sure it overlaps what I already have.
  14. Would be a terrible precedent if they get ‘exclusive’ tracks just because of the sound issues… Would encourage crazy idm’erz to sabotage the rig every time they play. Eventually they (Ae) wouldn’t get anywhere to play due to the high probability of a WATMMer chewing through the bass bins. blacklisted for psycho fans… Most IDM 22???
  15. This is a great compilation and Acicular is a standout. Everything you put out is top notch to be fair though.
  16. Really enjoyed this - it does flow as you said and there is a lot a of variation in the tracks. Great release - I would say the majority of people on this forum would like this. They’re on the wrong forum if they don’t.
  17. When I went over to have a listen I noticed that and thought it was cool they had all sold. They looked good so deserved to sell 👍🏼 When you become super famous in the future you will make all those early fans really rich as they have a rare release.. Do it man!!!
  18. Hello WATMM. I started making some techno stuff a while ago with the intention of getting enough tunes to be able to do a mix with it all. Well that point arrived and I carried on making the tunes without doing the mixes…. Now I have quite a library to go at, like 300 or so. It’s probably time I got the project officially ’started’ by presenting the first 3 mixes of the yet unknown number in my ‘Me, me, me’ techno mix series :- Links below 👇🏻
  19. It does sound very similar but I’m sure Kurt kind of made amends for stuff like this…
  20. If they only have to refund one ticket, Sean and Rob will know it was you…..
  21. Yeah that could be fine but if they hired there own rig and sound guy and he blew it up, then they might be blamed. Worst case is they could loose the fee for the gig I guess but I was only joking. as oscillik says, I think the soundboard download thing is something they have done themselves in addition to possible refunds etc which they probably wouldn’t be involved in. It’s been done thru the promoter as data protection maybe prohibits the sharing of the ticket buyers names etc.
  22. I would have waited until I had all the facts. If it turns out it was the boy’s fault it could get messy…. Do you really want Sean turning up on your doorstep, shivering because he’s had to sell all his North Face’s??? (Just joking mate and I’m genuinely sorry the gig was spoiled for you)
  23. That is quite a significant financial gesture as I’m guessing a high percentage of people attending the gig would have purchased the soundboard when available. Top blokes 👏🏻
  24. While the big screen with the gig details on it next to a massive concrete pike sculpture is major idm, the venue itself, for a ‘rave’….. Really??? I disagree with the decision to play here. The lads have definitely earned the right to play wherever the fuck they want but it seems to go against what I thought their live shows ‘are about’. When I think of the venues I’ve heard them hammer to pieces, the Que Club, Rainbow & The Medicine Bar in Brum and the Wharehouse Project & Musicbox in Manchester, it just feels wrong seeing this place. It’s borderline Spinal Tap. True to form though, they prove yet again that they are proper awesome people and make amends for the sound issues at the gig. best band ever.
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