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  1. Bits of me keep breaking. I'm roughly half a Centurix to be honest.
  2. BCompSci HECS debt - didn't have to worry about money My C/C++ lecturer and mentor Richard Miller was the dude who ported Unix to 32 bit non-PDP systems and also started commercially sold the TCP/IP stacks to Tim Berners Lee Been working as a programmer for 33 years.
  3. How does Zaphod know Fords name when they first meet on the Heart of Gold? Ford took on the name when he was stranded on Earth, so there's no way Zaphod would know his name unless he met him on Earth, which he didn't. Businesses should have various hat styles and sizes depending on how high up in the company you are. Like the Catholic church, the bigger and stupider the hat, the higher up you are in the organisation.
  4. Mr Inbetween on FX. Well written, dry funny, actually good Australian TV.
  5. He made that Children track. Dead now. Cancer. If old age doesn't get you, cancer will...
  6. I'd build a word tree based on that list, it'll probably shrink the data from 1.5G to 50K...
  7. Been talkin shit Is this why the replies were double posting for a bit? wait, when was that?
  8. Lumen looks very interesting, i'll have a look at that. Thx! With the new system i don't currently work centered to a single programming language, but try my luck with multiple. Templating: Mustache (works with any programming language or framework) Client Side: HTML5 + CSS3 + LESSCSS + Bootstrap + jquery + vuejs Database: redis(sessions), elastic search(fulltext search), mariadb(master data) Server Side: Google GO + Java + Python (+ Erlang) I might also use a graph database like neo4j. All of this might sound a little weird, so let me explain. Think about the following: 1. Most of the usage of a website is passive. People search and consume content. This content can be static for a given user group. 2. People want to change the contents sometimes, this has to be dynamic. So what i'm aiming for is not a classical board software, but a system that is basically a part time static site generator mixed with client side single page app + some classic server side mvc. For example: Think about what a thread/topic for a board software is and how it is rendered at runtime for every user. Next, think about what parts of it you could pre render... etc. I understand that, sounds like a really good approach. If there's a lot of static content then something like Varnish might really help out as a static HTTP cache as well. I'm learning Vue at the moment, just getting off the Ember.js bandwagon. It's nice, but far too big for some projects. Also, Python is great. Should make more stuff in Python.
  9. sweet jesus there's a lot of posts to convert. wtf have you guys being doing?
  10. They're currently in 'security fixes only' mode at the moment. I've had to upgrade quite a number of sites for this exact reason and the biggest reasons for incompatibility are the changes to the way exceptions are handled. Because PHP 5 had a bunch of un-catchable errors, they decided to convert them to exceptions. It means that all the error skipping flags setup on your site won't protect you from actual exceptions. The other one is that list() has changed a fair bit and breaks stuff, can't have empty lists, variables are assigned in the correct order etc. global only accepts simple objects, but that's an easy fix as you can change the referencing to fix it up: global $$foo->bar; becomes global ${$foo->var}; But, you know, stop using global foreach's internal pointer doesn't change as you iterate through an array any more. If you reference the array by pointer, every iteration will point to the first element, that broke a surprising amount for me. These caught me out for a while: call_user_method() -> call_user_func() call_user_method_array() -> call_user_func_array() :\ Guarantee that any mysql stuff will break. GUARANTEE. This is probably why I favour frameworks as it takes all this junk out of the equation. Plus I never want to write XSS, SQL injection, or CSRF code ever again. sick of it.
  11. Ok, that was what i needed to hear. I already tried PHP 7 and noticed that i would be forced to refactor half of the code base. The same effort used on a empty project with the use of current frameworks would result in a new board software fitting the needs of my userbase. You can guess, what i'm currently doing in my spare time. ;) I can understand that. What framework have you settled on? I tend to default to Laravel/Lumen for new stuff as I can jam it up with design patterns. But to be honest, I'm not too fussy. I've been burnt too many times with proprietary third party libraries that I almost expect to be pissed on from a great height at some stage during a projects development. After years wondering around Symfony, Cake, CodeIngiter Phalcon and a few others these seems to have stuck with me.
  12. I think in terms of the current forum, that's the worst that'll happen. PHP is pretty much the only thing that is shared between where we're testing and here. Now that's sorted it's just a matter of conversion and some heavy fisting. And by fisting, I mean testing.
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