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Community Answers

  1. Thank you mucho grande fine sir! glad you mentioned the mixing cuz i had a few hiccups here and there with some clipping
  2. like and share if u vape

  3. hello been a while since i've been here haven't written shit all year but i got inspired today and wrote this. not my normal sound but it's pretty tight imo https://soundcloud.com/phylazen/what-have-i-got-in-the-trunk
  4. too lazy to do the discord thing

  5. whats up with the stuff?

    1. Ivan Ooze

      Ivan Ooze

      new stuff imminent


    2. trying to be less rude

      trying to be less rude

      I have the stuff, but I don't have it right here with me now. I got it close by.

  6. i wish he'd hurry up and release some new shit. last couple of records were just a tease
  7. i think there are enough people mic'ing up glass shattering and pots and pans to a delay and distortion pedal as it is
  8. i hate to ask this but could someone link me a quality tutorial for mixing dance music? preferably one that is to the punch, not 80 minutes long. ty

    1. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Hi buddy. I realize this post is worth zero to you, but I'm just doing my due diligence in responding that "no" I cannot link you to a quality tutorial for mixing dance music. <3

    2. Trilobot


      https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0-W75RL3AS_psDlWBqu1w Sadowick has tons of little mixing tip videos, I'm sure you can find what you need there.
  9. any WATMM comps going on anytime soon? need an excuse to work on something

    1. Joyrex


      And after the new site launch, we will finally begin work on WATMM Volume 2...

  10. you are a really funny guy man wow top notch meme
  11. does anyone on here do audio to visual animation similar to autechre Plyphon

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