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  1. Hollow Knight - holy f, is this game epic! A very huge and detailed experience.
  2. Dpek

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    Single now on Soundcloud:
  3. Looks like there is a new album coming. From his Facebook: "Delighted to announce my new album ‘Kiri Variations’ released 26th July on Throttle Records. It started as score, but grew into something else entirely, hence ‘Variations’. The first single, available today, is called 'Cannibal Homecoming'. Listen in to Mary Ann Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 Music from 10:30AM UK for an exclusive premiere - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00067n5 "
  4. Watched Fleabag based on your comments here. I enjoyed it! It had all the makings for a cringe show but it dodged all the bullets and I have to say it is one of the best TV shizznits of the last few years.
  5. His best since Cosmogramma, for real. It ain't Los Angeles but at least he's not taking himself so seriously anymore and it shows - the album is FUN!
  6. Maybe it's none. I know I read somewhere that he likes to create human-like voices with pure synthesis - as far as I know he did it this way on Fenix Funk 5.
  7. Dpek

    Game of Thrones

    The last 3 seasons were quite a few classes below the book-driven seasons. And the last season sucked balls. But I think this kind of a sucky ending has been a sure thing from the start. How the fuck do you finish such a sprawling story to begin with? With so many threads starting and ending, so many re-focuses after major characters' deaths? ASOIAF has always been about the never-ending cruel circle of life and trying to capture it at the right moment to end it was a doomed notion from the beginning. Georgy knows that - that's why his books have been multiplying. And that's why the plotting of finale, where all the threads would be cut at the same time, seemed so clunky and forced. I'm not saying it couldn't be done better - it could've been - shit, The Sopranos ended perfectly and it was a series with a similar life-like meandering plot. But I think that we will also get a shitty end in the final George's book, if we ever get it. (When Stephen King wrote The Stand, he also started a thousand small threads and got frustrated with his own creation. That's why he simply introduced a giant explosion in the middle of the book which killed half the characters. GOT did a similar thing in the 6th season when shit got worse.)
  8. I'm trying to get 200% on Cuphead. Love this game
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody Well, it was made well I guess. I enjoyed watching it. But quite forgetable. It also drives me mad how in all musical biopics managers and industry people always smile and respect egomaniacal demands and visions of young musicians like it proves them genius. I work in the music industry and in reality all these bigger-than-thou musicians would be put down quite quickly. Like in the scene where they (still nobodies) meet a big manager and he offers them his support. "What can you give us?" they say. "Maybe I can get you a tour in China," he says or something like that. "We want more," says Mercury. The managers smirks like holy-fuck-you-just-said-what-I-wanted-to-hear. NOPE. In reality he would get up and walk the fuck off, because these kind of statements indicate a lot of problems down the road. The Death Of Stalin Wow, I didn't know Armando Iannucci directed this beforehand, but I guessed it while watching it. Nobody does satire better than him. Hilarious and important. No wonder it's banned in Russia.
  10. Amateur incoming... I've tried my hand in animation this week. Just seeing if I can make anything move: Learning how to make a character walk:
  11. I'm cautious... Flying Lotus is another one of used-to-be-my-favorite artists who made a pinnacle album and then fell (like Clark with his magnificent "Totems Flare" and then lost his touch ... well many on WATMM share this sentiment with me :( ). Flying Lotus also made stellar "Los Angeles" and "Cosmogramma" and then became boring. I think the main problem is in his lack of riffs. "Until The Quiet Comes" and "You're Dead!" both had unimaginative riffs (unlike previous albums which were packed with strong melodies), so FlyLo builds his tracks around jazzy chords and limpy drums and of course tracks quickly fizzle out because they don't have enough gravity. When he was still hip-hop minded he NEEDED to make a strong theme for his beats because they were loop based and how the hell can you drive a 3-minute loop without a riff? I think many artists need to realize that there was a point in them making simpler songs with more banging drums and melodies - that that wasn't just their amateur phase but indeed a more focused and effective phase. Many of these artists never really come full circle back to their bangers or when they do they make them consciously and with too much of an effort.
  12. Yesterday I thought I lost keys to my job and my girl's place. My GF found them in her purse because I put my key stack in there after going to a theatre play and not wanting to have a bulge in my pants. Today I forgot my computer mouse so I had to drive back home to get it. Had nice 25 minutes for myself.
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