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  1. Watched "Parasite", this year's Palme D'or. It is a very well made film, with a clear message and many brilliant moments, but on the other hand, it felt contrieved to me. The story went where it needed to go, everybody perfectly acted out what they needed to do, but I didn't feel honesty in this film. There were also some questionable music choices. No dissing, but it did nothing for me.
  2. Do honey-drenched sheep dream of sheep with shower hoses?
  3. Watched Birds Of Passage yesterday - a lot of people recommended it to me, but this thread was the tipping point. And yeah, it's truly phenomenal picture. I've been recommending it forward today.
  4. Yes, there were some good bits with Chappelle. But is it me, or does he pull off a "dick joke" every time his rant could reach a meaningful conclusion? I know it's a stand-up and it's not meant to be taken serious, but then at least give me some truly good jokes. It seemed to me like he forced quite a few laughs with his own laughing and pacing of delivery - a lot of style, but not so much of substance.
  5. Nice works everyone, Lewps, yours are crazy! This is all paint, or also digital? I've been working on a board game of my own these past few months. I want to send it to a few publishers and try my luck, so I made some art for it. As far as I understand, publishers tend to change the art, so this is placeholder, but I still wanted to make a nice package.
  6. Dpek

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    Just a quick follow-up. My favorite Clark's album is "Totems Flare". This album had imagination and BALLS like no other Clark album after it. It pushed the limits of genres, instrumentation, arrangements. And most of all, it sounded like CLARK in bold letters, the culmination of all his albums before it. It was like a fruit of a truly innovative genius mind and every album after it dissapointed me more. Not that they were bad. But "Empty The Bones Of You" - "Body Riddle" - "Turning Dragon" - "Totems Flare" streak with all accompanying EPs was unbelievable to witness in real time.
  7. Dpek

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    You have to understand that most peeps on this forum have been craving for some good old smash-yer-head-in Clark for about 5 albums now. Techno-Clark just ain't cutting it and soundtrack-Clark most certainly ain't. It's just a process of alienation of original fans, nothing more. This new work is legit as far as I can tell, it's just not for the OG base. And to be fair, the one Aphex's solely classical EP has had the least response.
  8. Dpek

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    This release is OK. I enjoyed it. Nothing special, but also not downright bad. But I would expect it from another artist. It has some Clark-ian traits, but let's be honest, this is a collection of semi-acoustic, kind-of-ambient tunes. I don't know why Clark doesn't use another pseudonym. Christopher Clark would be more than fitting for this release. I understand that he wants to enforce his brand as a monumental jack-of-all-trades name, but in my opinion something like Kiri Variations as one of the main releases of his catalogue only dilutes the power of his legendary albums like Body Riddle or Totem's Flare. Artists change, of course, but this is again something completely different than his previous release, which was again something completely different than before, etc... Artist creates for himself but also for fans. There should be some continuity, or at least a clear change of sound in the wholesome image (name, a PR text, something). Clark, who because of his fans had his own sub-forum!, gets just 2 pages for his new album. This should mean something.
  9. Hollow Knight - holy f, is this game epic! A very huge and detailed experience.
  10. Dpek

    Clark - Kiri Variations

    Single now on Soundcloud:
  11. Looks like there is a new album coming. From his Facebook: "Delighted to announce my new album ‘Kiri Variations’ released 26th July on Throttle Records. It started as score, but grew into something else entirely, hence ‘Variations’. The first single, available today, is called 'Cannibal Homecoming'. Listen in to Mary Ann Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 Music from 10:30AM UK for an exclusive premiere - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00067n5 "
  12. Watched Fleabag based on your comments here. I enjoyed it! It had all the makings for a cringe show but it dodged all the bullets and I have to say it is one of the best TV shizznits of the last few years.
  13. His best since Cosmogramma, for real. It ain't Los Angeles but at least he's not taking himself so seriously anymore and it shows - the album is FUN!
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