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  1. Yooooo, thanks! Yes, I've got quite a lot of feedback about how I should gradually introduce new rules as you're solving these puzzles. So expect to be able to consume the rules in a more relaxed manner in the next version. But you're more than welcome to try the game out now 🙂 More feedback means a better version later!
  2. Hi, WATMM! I'm working on a new project. Lineon is a book of paper-and-pen puzzles for one player. It differentiates itself from other similar puzzles like Sudoku, Sprouts or Bridges by telling a story. Lineon puzzles tell of frantic battles, lethal chases and of scattered dreams. All is told by just drawing lines between points. I'm currently on version 0.2. I decided to share Lineon at this point, since I want to break my teeth at people's opinions and improve the system, upgrade it (or trash it, if it unsolvable stinks!). 0.2 version contains 20 puzzles - you can find everything i
  3. I shot/animated a music video for a friend.
  4. Dpek


    I watched Season 3 without watching anything else beforehand. To be fair, I knew a bit, but only from reading the synopsis from the Wikipedia page. I still loved it very much.
  5. Alright, this track is now officialy out! It's been included in the singles series by Beton Records where I usually release. It will also be a part of an upcoming EP. https://betonrecords.bandcamp.com/track/sushi
  6. Hey, EKT. Sharing a track here after some time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9us5lguffok221/sushi.mp3?dl=0 🙂 hope ya dig
  7. I also like this, very different and interesting. I feel like I should listen to this track 10 more times before I would get a good look into its structure, it kind of folds into itself. Thumbs up
  8. Just a great track through and through. No complaints (except maybe that it has an undefined ending). It flows nicely from section to section. Will probably listen to it again.
  9. Very proper. This is just my taste but I think that more could be done with the arrangement, it kind of wanders, but still, very good sound design, it must have taken a lot of time and it shows. Nice one
  10. Freddy Voorhees could be a soundtrack track. Can't really say much about it, it doesn't strike me as something more than some sound experimentation. I dig Insomnia a lot more, even though it doesn't really drive to anything - when it started it reminded me of James Holden. I don't really care for the lead that starts around the 2 minute mark - it sounds very MIDI-ish.
  11. It's a good track. Only thing I would "criticise" is that it could go further into a sonic explosion during the peak of the song - as it is it stays a bit flat and you don't get as much satisfaction out of it as you could.
  12. I agree that DSPs are a very ineffective way to get paid as a musician and I understand the opposition to them, but let's be clear for a moment: YouTube started this and is still the most evil company regarding music consumption. It pays much much less than all the other DSPs and is all pervasive. You can't really be a musician without at least a track uploaded to YouTube. For example - M B V by My Bloody Valentine isn't on DSPs, but I can listen to it freely on YouTube. Spotify at least pays a little, even if the littlest of little.
  13. Dpek


    I don't know why I can't embed this image but it's gold: https://i.redd.it/kcgvsk3k6ga51.jpg
  14. Makavejev visited the film school I studied at when I was 19-20 or something. I honestly didn't know he was a big deal, he was just a gentle old guy who smiled a lot. I got bored throughout his lecture and wanted to exit the classroom, but while I was walking out the old fucker grabbed me by the arm and said that he knows he's boring and that he understands why I'm leaving. It was an awkward, blown-out-of-proportions scene. Our professor wanted to kill me.
  15. I animated an ad for my card game (and also made music for it):
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