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  1. Makavejev visited the film school I studied at when I was 19-20 or something. I honestly didn't know he was a big deal, he was just a gentle old guy who smiled a lot. I got bored throughout his lecture and wanted to exit the classroom, but while I was walking out the old fucker grabbed me by the arm and said that he knows he's boring and that he understands why I'm leaving. It was an awkward, blown-out-of-proportions scene. Our professor wanted to kill me.
  2. I animated an ad for my card game (and also made music for it):
  3. Dpek

    Has Clark left Warp?

    Body Riddle was blowing my mind when I was 15. One of the biggest influences on my sound. It felt like he perfectly refined the influences by the papas like BoC and Aphex and made them modern.
  4. I'm playing Celeste. I'm loving it. Very challenging, but it just comes together extremely fresh and emotional, which is strange for a platformer. It's interesting, because when I first saw it, I immediately thought about Jumper, a very old game made in Game Maker which was the shizznit 15 years ago on Game Maker forums... Well, later I read that it's the same dude who made both of these games. Crazy how some people have such a strong distinctive feel.
  5. I enjoyed Westworld season 1 right up until the point Mae (is she called Mae? The prostitute bot) shot up mostly EVERYONE in the complex, got through the door and then sat down in the train. There were people in the train and everything was operating normally, like there wasn't a massacre just a room away. This feeling persisted throughout season 2 which I didn't even finish. It's like they write shit just to write it.
  6. Dpek

    louis ck

    It's a good Louis CK special, but miles away from his best material when he was at his peak of confidence. He's lost energy. Some of his narrations are simply too quiet and subdued and he acknowledges he's saying an inappropriate joke too many times. I also don't appreciate the fact that they noticebly upped the volume of the crowd for some reactions. He's still talented as hell, so it works and I laughed, but it felt like he had to use some cheap tricks to make the experience more pumped up as it truly was.
  7. I'm sorry, I'm not able to edit the previous post, somebody please delete it - - here's the correct link:
  8. This was my first true rotoscope. I'm planning to use this figurine for a board game.
  9. Played (and finished) Portal 2 for the first time. A smart game. A lot of times, when I finally found a solution for a puzzle, I thought to myself "Alright, thank god I solved it, but I'm sure a lot of people couldn't", which of course isn't true, but it does make you feel a bit special.
  10. Started playing Pikuniku and finished it in about 4 hours. It's a sweet little game, but it strangely has very little content for the kind of game it is. Also, some transitions and scripted events are done very cheap, especially compared to its awesome physics. Dunno. 6/10.
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