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  1. Haha yeah, I overdone the cheek-filling, when I should’ve focused only on the chest. Let’s just say he’s Bill Clinton or that he’s taking it easy. Anyway, thanks!
  2. The serbian one? Or the new 2019 horror one? If any of you haven't seen in, I wholeheartedly recommend serbian WOUNDS. It is one of the better and funniest and most brutal films of the last 3 decades.
  3. What about the visual effects of making them younger? Is it distracting? I've watched the trailer and while it looked 95% fine, those other 5% looked artificial as hell.
  4. Started watching Mad Men. It's a lot more subtle than I imagined it would be.
  5. Based on the recommendation in this thread, I've played through Hexcells trilogy (sublime and almost genius!). I've also been playing Shovel Knight (has an emergent depth, almost 4/5) and Untitled Goose Game (such a lovely game!).
  6. Dpek


    Well, I've got a bad case of tinnitus on a Swans concert, maybe something like this? Kind of regret it too, even though it also brought good things (I wrote and published a novel as an escape from the ringing, had some TV/radio appearances about tinnitus, and it also isn't so bad after 3 years). But I know it was one of the most depressing episodes of my life when I got it.
  7. Dpek

    Now Reading

    The City & The City is dry as hell, but I love the concept of it. Not really a spoiler, but still:
  8. Watched "Parasite", this year's Palme D'or. It is a very well made film, with a clear message and many brilliant moments, but on the other hand, it felt contrieved to me. The story went where it needed to go, everybody perfectly acted out what they needed to do, but I didn't feel honesty in this film. There were also some questionable music choices. No dissing, but it did nothing for me.
  9. Do honey-drenched sheep dream of sheep with shower hoses?
  10. Watched Birds Of Passage yesterday - a lot of people recommended it to me, but this thread was the tipping point. And yeah, it's truly phenomenal picture. I've been recommending it forward today.
  11. Yes, there were some good bits with Chappelle. But is it me, or does he pull off a "dick joke" every time his rant could reach a meaningful conclusion? I know it's a stand-up and it's not meant to be taken serious, but then at least give me some truly good jokes. It seemed to me like he forced quite a few laughs with his own laughing and pacing of delivery - a lot of style, but not so much of substance.
  12. Nice works everyone, Lewps, yours are crazy! This is all paint, or also digital? I've been working on a board game of my own these past few months. I want to send it to a few publishers and try my luck, so I made some art for it. As far as I understand, publishers tend to change the art, so this is placeholder, but I still wanted to make a nice package.
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