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  1. I really like the third one! @President Squidward, fire away
  2. Thank you aencre, I've been a fan of your work for years. But why haven't you been able to draw, if it's something you can share?
  3. new pilotredsun is pretty damn good
  4. Watched 8 1/2 for the first time yesterday. Also first Fellini for me. I have trouble with older films because they don't feed you information and story as smooth as films nowadays, but ultimately they usually deliver a deeper type of greatness. I was on the verge of boredom through most of the movie but lo and behold, towards the end everything came together very nicely and I understood the praise. Good one!
  5. It's a meta-film (The Irishman). I see it as a film that exists because of all other Scorsese/De Niro/Pesci gangster films, with Pacino added, because he's also a gangster-film legend. It's probably the last film with all these legends in one place and as such has a bigger, broader meaning. That's also why they put so much money into retouching these old farts and why audience turns a blind eye on these grotesque retouches. Because yes, let's be honest, they look kind of smooth, but sound and move like seniors for the whole duration of the movie. But you couldn't put a De Niro's younger face on a young actor's body and call it a De Niro performance. So, as a meta-film, it's actually quite good. It didn't have the energy of Goodfellas, because it's an old farts' movie, but I was entertained. But I can't imagine how it would look to someone who doesn't have a clue about these old legends and films. It would probably suck.
  6. I watched the short film The Fall by Jonathan Glazer (Under The Skin). It was supposedly inspired by Trump's children and fascism in general. Well, it was alright for what it was. Some very nice shots. It was a bit too much on the nose for my taste. https://us.thefall.film
  7. I made an exercise on liquids while sick yesterday:
  8. Haha yeah, I overdone the cheek-filling, when I should’ve focused only on the chest. Let’s just say he’s Bill Clinton or that he’s taking it easy. Anyway, thanks!
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