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  1. Creaks is probably my favorite Amanita game. The platforming aspect works great with the gameplay. BTW, their upcoming Happy Game (which is the first horror/gore game by them) has a demo up on Steam.
  2. @usagiI really enjoyed Into The Breach, but once I finished it it got old very quickly. And I finished it in 3 or so hours. Since I'm making a paper'n'pen puzzle game, I got heavily into puzzle games. I already played the excellent Hexcells series that was recommended in this very thread - I replayed it recently. But I also got into the hard stuff: Baba Is You - an excellent rules-breaking puzzle game. It sometimes feels a bit contrived, but this is also the source of its charm. A Monster's Expedition - such a beautiful head-scratching game. I haven't played it much ye
  3. If you remember TH had a pretty well thought out marketing campaign before the release. I seriously doubt that Warp would let them simply release an album. If we get a new BOC album, it will be slowly hyped up over 3 or so months I think.
  4. So, I've finished the new version of the puzzlebook "Lineon" I'm working on. I've made some Photoshop mock-ups of how it will look once it will be printed. Otherwise, be free to check out all of the illustration (and puzzles themselves) on these links: OFFICIAL PAGE: https://letibus.itch.io/lineon PDF DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/39sZS5O
  5. Thanks @Extralife! It's not explicitely for kids, but it also doesn't exclude them - to be honest, it will probably attract more adults than kids, since a lot of the puzzles at the end of the book are a good challenge 🙂 It's more of a sit-by-the-record-player-chill-and-solve kind of thing. You can check the 0.2 version to get a better feel of it. This version doesn't have the girl theme yet and I made the progression of difficulty and rules-introduction a lot more gradual since then (I'm at version 0.5 right now), but you'll get the gist of it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h39c4s7vi5ixt
  6. Yeah, Hades is phenomenal - up to a point. Even though it's gorgeous, very well made, has tons of content, tons of permutations, it ultimatelly is series of 2-hour games with more or less the same course of happenings. I know this is a design choice of rogue-likes and Hades is definitelly the best rogue-like I played, but after I finally came to the last boss, I stopped playing. I will probably come back to it, since the combat system is so enjoyable, but the grind wears you down.
  7. Yooooo, thanks! Yes, I've got quite a lot of feedback about how I should gradually introduce new rules as you're solving these puzzles. So expect to be able to consume the rules in a more relaxed manner in the next version. But you're more than welcome to try the game out now 🙂 More feedback means a better version later!
  8. Hi, WATMM! I'm working on a new project. Lineon is a book of paper-and-pen puzzles for one player. It differentiates itself from other similar puzzles like Sudoku, Sprouts or Bridges by telling a story. Lineon puzzles tell of frantic battles, lethal chases and of scattered dreams. All is told by just drawing lines between points. I'm currently on version 0.2. I decided to share Lineon at this point, since I want to break my teeth at people's opinions and improve the system, upgrade it (or trash it, if it unsolvable stinks!). 0.2 version contains 20 puzzles - you can find everything i
  9. I shot/animated a music video for a friend.
  10. Dpek


    I watched Season 3 without watching anything else beforehand. To be fair, I knew a bit, but only from reading the synopsis from the Wikipedia page. I still loved it very much.
  11. Alright, this track is now officialy out! It's been included in the singles series by Beton Records where I usually release. It will also be a part of an upcoming EP. https://betonrecords.bandcamp.com/track/sushi
  12. Hey, EKT. Sharing a track here after some time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9us5lguffok221/sushi.mp3?dl=0 🙂 hope ya dig
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