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  1. Working on a new animation. Will of course post it once it's finished but it could take a while.
  2. Made some small animations: Also written, designed and published a new book:
  3. Here we go! I don't know why, but when I read about the new variant today and listened to Four Tet, it kind of made sense. It's just flowing further and further, complicating itself, basically waging a war to survive
  4. I'm thoroughly disappointed with this release. The new tracks are mediocre at best, and at worst they are simply extracted string/synth parts from already known songs. Nothing new or surprising here guys. A cash grab and that's it :(
  5. You were right. I'm really enjoying the combat. This is however probably because I got some upgrades - I really like the dash+slash. This is another game which becomes much better when you upgrade (like Hollow Knight) - now I can combo some stuff together, while before it was a really dry combat system. But I don't want to shit on the game, it is really good.
  6. Playing Hyper Light Drifter. Rage quit a few times now. Hard as nails, this game.
  7. Hey, made/finished a new board game, this one is called All Is Bomb and it's for 1-2 players. Free to play, of course. letibus.itch.io/aib
  8. Released a new version of Lineon, my puzzlebook. If you're interested in playing it, check out https://letibus.itch.io/lineon
  9. I share my office with the wife of the boss who doesn't do any work, but is still employed (because she's the wife). Our offices are actually on the ground floor of a house in which she lives with the boss and the kids. Anyway, she regularly comes down to sit at her PC to look at Facebook and Instagram. She's actually an OK person, but I can't stand that she comes in also when she's visibly sick, like, you don't actually work, wtf did you just come down to cough and sniffle for 4 hours? Can't you be upstairs on your living room computer? Especially in these times! Makes me bitter towards her. Oh and every 2-3 weeks she comes down in the morning drunk as fuck, probably from a solo allnighter (she otherwise comes down at around 1pm when she wakes up). Not really a valid first world problem, but I'm tired of wondering if I'll get sick because of her (I already got influenza once).
  10. Still working on my puzzlebook - now I've changed up all the artwork, so it's directly tied to the iconography of the puzzles themselves. It is coming together nicely I think.
  11. I'm still on Stephen's Sausage Roll. One of the rare 10/10 for me.
  12. Creaks is probably my favorite Amanita game. The platforming aspect works great with the gameplay. BTW, their upcoming Happy Game (which is the first horror/gore game by them) has a demo up on Steam.
  13. @usagiI really enjoyed Into The Breach, but once I finished it it got old very quickly. And I finished it in 3 or so hours. Since I'm making a paper'n'pen puzzle game, I got heavily into puzzle games. I already played the excellent Hexcells series that was recommended in this very thread - I replayed it recently. But I also got into the hard stuff: Baba Is You - an excellent rules-breaking puzzle game. It sometimes feels a bit contrived, but this is also the source of its charm. A Monster's Expedition - such a beautiful head-scratching game. I haven't played it much yet but it's already really hard. The music and presentation keep you calm and invested though. Stephen's Sausage Roll - damn, this game is trippy. The theme and the visual presentation are HORRIBLE. But at the same time, it kind of all comes together. It could be my favorite out of these three. It could actually be one of the best designed games I have ever played - the puzzles are mega hard, with no space for error, but they are also sooo clever and mechanically simple. I also enjoyed Plug & Play, a short 10-minute interactive peace about... erm, sex? Electricity? 2,99$ on Steam. https://plugplay.ch/
  14. If you remember TH had a pretty well thought out marketing campaign before the release. I seriously doubt that Warp would let them simply release an album. If we get a new BOC album, it will be slowly hyped up over 3 or so months I think.
  15. So, I've finished the new version of the puzzlebook "Lineon" I'm working on. I've made some Photoshop mock-ups of how it will look once it will be printed. Otherwise, be free to check out all of the illustration (and puzzles themselves) on these links: OFFICIAL PAGE: https://letibus.itch.io/lineon PDF DOWNLOAD: https://bit.ly/39sZS5O
  16. Thanks @Extralife! It's not explicitely for kids, but it also doesn't exclude them - to be honest, it will probably attract more adults than kids, since a lot of the puzzles at the end of the book are a good challenge 🙂 It's more of a sit-by-the-record-player-chill-and-solve kind of thing. You can check the 0.2 version to get a better feel of it. This version doesn't have the girl theme yet and I made the progression of difficulty and rules-introduction a lot more gradual since then (I'm at version 0.5 right now), but you'll get the gist of it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h39c4s7vi5ixt5i/Lineon_v0_2.pdf?dl=0
  17. Yeah, Hades is phenomenal - up to a point. Even though it's gorgeous, very well made, has tons of content, tons of permutations, it ultimatelly is series of 2-hour games with more or less the same course of happenings. I know this is a design choice of rogue-likes and Hades is definitelly the best rogue-like I played, but after I finally came to the last boss, I stopped playing. I will probably come back to it, since the combat system is so enjoyable, but the grind wears you down.
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