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  1. I’m interested, pm me with how much you want for it?
  2. Keep in mind the context - they are resisting Trump from starting wars with North Korea, serve as a puppet to the Kremlin, enact police state measures, etc. Right-wing technocrats are diverting Trump from creating absolute turmoil and chaos well beyond the standard level of GOP fucking up. It's just confirming how much of the assumptions that the administration serve as babysitters are 100% true. already confirmed by numerous people who haven't had to hide their identity. I agree he needs to be baby sat. I understand the context. This is just another instance of the Republican Party trying to distance themselves from the president the backed.
  3. Op-ed is crap. Not a resistance. The writer defends the increased spending on military, the tax breaks for corporations and the immense amount of deregulation that is about to break the economy and the environment.
  4. Top 40... ...and AFX. All of these tracks have stopped her melt downs on a dime. My 15 month old daughter's preferences since 3 months: Selena Gomez - Bad Liar Taylor Swift - Gorgeous, Delicate, Call It What You Want Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same Bazzi (she calls him Baz Baz) - 3:15, Soarin', Dreams AFX - Collapse EP
  5. https://soundcloud.com/camcairn/fuzionresonatoraug18 Finally getting some free time late at night to start making some tracks. The above isn't anything close to resembling a track, just a sketch while I try to get to know what the Fuzion is capable of sound wise. Recorded straight from the direct outputs 1 & 2. All distortion and gating happens when track levels, filter feedbacks, efx feedbacks, resonators, etc are cranked. Clean resonator can be heard at 5:45 on the otherwise boring pad...
  6. I'm only listening to this on my hifi and headphones currently... saving the .flac and vinyl for my beats pill in September.
  7. Yeah loving this video. I like all the reference images. Are the town settings Cornwall or something? looks like an important place for the artist. The glass brick building looks like the one that someone pegged in another thread as being the building afx was apparently rumored to be inhabiting... The fragments of the mixing board nobs churning into the landscape is very satisfying. Also wonder if this image is sourced from his actual gear or if it is just an imagined object. I love the rainbow business toward the end, very soothing on the eyes after the earth anus eats everything at high noon.
  8. Not sure if i'd agree, pushing the genre isn't just about what new sounds one can muster from new technologies. I think there is a ton to be said for composition and thats definately my favorite part of what this latest release has got to offer.
  9. just placed buy order for the ltd vinyl and cassette... no prob. also, did anyone notice/mention the glass house AFX apparently lived in makes an appearance in the vid? looks like the one... at 3:59
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