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  1. I'll take two of your digital vinyls, thanks.
  2. Balkan Vinyl double LP available for preorder on their bandcamp now. https://balkanvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/ila020-valvable
  3. In the US you can buy on Tidal without subscribing, but you do have to create an account.
  4. I got @ RedEye. Also Phonica and Deejay.de have preorders up. I think it's vinyl only, no digital, but I could be wrong.
  5. Preorders available for Traditions 10 on many sites now for March release
  6. What happened to Balkan Vinyl double album ? Thought it was supposed to come out in February.
  7. Was one on Discogs for $500 from a NY record store a couple of years ago. I should have bought that one.
  8. With this much time since the first single and with more Weirdcore videos already made, you'd think Warp would release another single to keep the hype up.
  9. ...and any exclusive music available there.
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