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  1. "Nightwind Records NW001. The first Occult Orientated Crime album on Nightwind Records. Extremely trippy PRO ambient not just some jumbled up random chiliwave overcompressed 80s retro soggy biscuit jerkoff --- this is PROFESSIONAL AMBIENT - 100% psychedelic drug music with perfectly finetuned selected frequencies to alter your state of mind and take you to complete loss of subjective self-identity: the result of years of experimentation and research." Available now on Bandcamp: http://legowelt.bandcamp.com/album/the-occult-orientated-crime-album
  2. Immense stuff... bagged the entire FP catalogue on Redeye some time back - pre-ordered your 12". Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. The entire label is amazing - pure quality. Thanks for the tunes!
  3. Posted by Richard j. Dames: (quite) Good fakes? Marketing? Does my post break the rules? "dancing grandma new pineal cardiomix aphex twin"
  4. Flatland will see release on double-vinyl, CD and digital formats in November. http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=26214 Ganzfeld is outstanding... having an entire album of this stuff is going to blow my mind. EDIT: *I've read the rules*
  5. Scanner on Facebook in response to the CAT023 news... should've been the artwork. Thanks to all involved. Got my download voucher and can't wait to listen!
  6. There's a 2-CD set available through the Raster-Noton website. It contains all five EPs and a Martin Gore remix.: https://shop.raster-noton.net/
  7. Just backed. It's insane how quick this blew up... nearly funded in under 24 hours. Thank you Joyrex and all involved.
  8. I've played this in the record store I work at once without skipping tracks. I realized that it was a bad decision... especially when 75% of the demographic consist of elders and children. Stupid - I know. I near got lynched. Really, the best way to listen to this album is in the dark with no distractions and your eyes closed. It's a religious experience.
  9. Really rough place - plus, I was going to join before this, but I happened to get my new debit card in the mail today; something I haven't had for 2+ months. I don't need to explain myself. Oh, so you smelled some pussy,and now you want a piece?. Well, it's good to know where you stand at least. Yes... yes, indeed. Honestly, I just wanted to help. I could've watched it all go down and downloaded it when it's available - that's just against my standards. I would feel cunty. Shit. I had no idea there were rules regarding this foolishness I'm pulling. If I must be banned, so be it. (Really, though, don't do that.) I feel like I committed a crime. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  10. Just joined... this is all nuts. I've been lurking forever, but I had to join; I'm in.
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