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  1. Out today, an album that came out of a live collaboration for Sardinia's Spaziomusica festival by myself and fellow Irish producer, Munich based Ian Fleming. The music combines electroacoustic, spectral and found sound techniques with analog synths and techno elements that frequently fall off-grid. It's a ten track album with 62 minutes of free custom video (dropbox links) for the price of a pint and some dry roasted peanuts (or salt and vinegar peanuts- who I am I to say?) Your support would be very welcome. https://tombolaproject.bandcamp.com/
  2. That Beeple guys stuff is amazing. Here's my own contribution I made the video in Blender and the music is myself and a mate. I think it works best if you stare at the middle of the screen.
  3. I kinda want to organise a gig just so I can play Fresher and Cleaner out now! I experienced a few backlash like comments on FB, by people who barely listened to the tracks, complaining about all the drooling fanboys getting carried away over this. Haters gonna hate I suppose.
  4. I really really hope these come out elsewhere at better quality. Don't get me wrong, as it stands this is too much amazing but over time aren't we all going to wish we had 320, wav or flac? obviously for the headphone sex but also to play these tracks out in sets. I'd pay for a boxset or a big zip file TAKE MY MONEY!!
  5. I like the ad on the last page "coping with Midi is easier in the nineties if your a member of UKMA" I may join UKMA. I enjoyed reading the interview, cheers for putting it up. I reckon he's building a bit of mystique with the 'four home made sequencers' and some of the other gear talk. Interesting how he said he records tracks as live takes then which he's also doing now, more or less, as Syro's tracks are said to be recorded straight from gear to tape. Also I love the idea of deleting samples after they're used in a track- very efficient on sample memory too.
  6. Beautiful gig altogether! I saw them at the button factory a few years ago but I felt a lot more prepared and receptive to every nuance this time. I still get a major kick out of how they manage to sell such abstract music to the less informed people in the crowd without any comprise. I've followed them for years and they still make me go WTF!
  7. Yeah I'm going to try stay positive on this one, I'm in Ireland myself and I'm not really sure how the online chart is determined say from itune's sales. perhaps it will chart in Ireland too, all things going well, who knows?
  8. Hi I just wanted to draw people's attention to a very laudable campaign which is gaining traction. From the facebook page: The facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/lfoxmas/info and is currently at 5,882 likes. Apologies if there is another thread for this, please let me know and I'll delete this one. I really like this idea the more i think about it.
  9. I really like that he included a side note basically saying you don't need tons of gear to make great music, a computer is fine, he just needs the gear to buzz himself up (and, I suppose, why not when you can afford it) . As for the depression thing, he seems to be just making the common mistake of assuming other peoples internal worlds are organised like his. He seems to be a person who's emotions are at his disposal, when he wants to deploy them in music for example, but he has no problem detaching from them. I found his account of his early acid trip interesting, where he became emotionless. I was surprised he didn't make the connection between not being able to enjoy his favourite music and his emotions being, more or less, absent. It's been shown that brain damage victims, for example, who report feeling no emotion cannot make value judgements, about anything. It's like a magnified version of trying to do shopping with a hangover, you can't feel good about anything so you buy nothing or the wrong things. I would think twice about calling anyone an acid casualty, such people exist and Aphex isn't one anymore than Steve jobs was. Early trips are very intense if you have an interesting internal world, so intense you will be influenced by them and talk about them for the rest of your life. That doesn't make you a casualty by any stretch of the imagination.
  10. Thanks a million for putting those up. I haven't read the Mike and Rich ones in years. I love the dynamic between the two lads, Richard getting in all the sly digs but Mike gets the last word in the edit anyway. I've read so many Aphex interviews in the last week (OOR being the favourite with Pitchfork coming second) I feel like the guys been round my house. I hope he doesn't decide to read them all the same way, I imagine that would be really strange.
  11. ah someone bet me to it. Great Interview and I love how they set up the pages
  12. I got mine yesterday, perfect condition and looks great
  13. Aphex mixtapes with visuals, I may never go out again.
  14. When I read about him going camping with his family and being recognised by a guy who got all stupid and starstruck I cringed. I remember being around him during the Dedbeat festival and I couldn't cope and made a right geebag out of myself. Chemtrails? I think it's bull myself but I'm glad he took a risk and let his guard down and told us a bit more what he's really like, which is of course a normal person (whatever that is) who also happens to be a leader in their field of expertise. Fuck the mythologising that everything the guy says has to have papal infallibility.
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