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    It'll take a bit more time until they announce it publicly. I'm guessing the same will happen to what happened with All Night Chroma. Why do they do it this way though? Weird.
  2. I feel like if he's calling these "new", there are probably old ones, which could mean...
  3. It sucks that there is no Squarepusher in there. Anyways though:
  4. This is interesting. No mention of this release on Warp's website, Bleep too. Only on Rough Trade, and Japanese sites indicate that it's a limited release.
  5. Yes but I feel like Paradox didn't only post this just for an event, I think there could be more (which could be the collab we're talking about here, but I'm just speculating ofc)
  6. I think this is more than just being a guest at an event...
  7. Lovely release. Track called "37 years later" is addictive.
  8. Here's Service Pack 11, just released: https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-11
  9. TechDiff used to make some great Breakcore tracks, but now he makes Braindance and he dropped 10 EPs of new music (each one contains 4 tracks). They are all free to download. It also seems like he will put more EP's up, next one is up 3 hours later. https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-01 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-02 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-03 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-04 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-05 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-06 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-07 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-08 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-09 https://techdiff.bandcamp.com/album/service-pack-10
  10. Consul

    Glasto 2019

    This looks great.
  11. Squarepusher and Autechre killed it.
  12. AFX was also good, the first one especially. Wonder why he decided to re-air the Field Day thing. Hopefully we'll have some good shit this year as he has put new categories on his bleepstore (no content as of right now).
  13. Consul

    Warp Tapes WAV

    This is so good.
  14. https://wxaxrxp.bleepstores.com/register/create
  15. Can't wait to see what will be in this store, account can be created now: https://wxaxrxp.bleepstores.com/
  16. I'm hoping to hear these two tracks in their full glory.
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