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  1. There is this, but no downloads. Still though, you can listen to it on mobile. Arketip's mix is not on Soundcloud sadly.
  2. Heads up, both have a new set that was livestreamed!
  3. Didn't know these were put on Bandcamp. Pretty cool tbh. Posting for those who didn't know, like me. https://randsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/xylem-tube-ep-1992 https://apollorecords.bandcamp.com/album/selected-ambient-works-85-92
  4. I love this album way too much. My top favorite is Drukqs and this album comes after it. I also imagine; what if we got the extra tracks on the album (on release), how cool would THAT be? It would have blew minds even more if that happened back then and to be honest, even with its vanilla status it still blows minds of both new listeners and people that come back to it. I just love the whole album with its extra tracks and can't choose any favorite track in particular because they are all so good.
  5. Oh thank god I don't have to go back to Facebook.
  6. New track premiere! Also a mix of unreleased stuff from the label:
  7. Great EP! Detroit People Mover fits this EP more, compared to the album. "The Paris Track" is lovely.
  8. This is out now! A music video has also been released. Check it out:
  9. What is this stream about?
  10. It is. Go to the main store and its on the top. Also: More information: https://squarepusherredemptions.ochre.store/index
  11. Merch page is online: https://shop.squarepusher.net
  12. It reminds me of The Exploding Psychology a lot in terms of how it starts as hip-hop and goes to Squarepusher mode.
  13. Would be great if we could find those.
  14. The track is now available on Squarepusher.net
  15. Seems like they removed it. Some people had a chance to download it though.
  16. Nervelevers is available for those who have bought it on Bleep. Still not available on Squarepusher.net for some reason, but it'll be available soon I think.
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