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  1. 20 hours ago, TheBro said:

    Oldskool vibes but with that dark kinda otherworld pad. Bit repetative I'd say would be my main criticism to be honest. 

    I was in a bit of a rush while making this, saw the competition really late and repetitiveness comes from the fact that I can only use select samples in a pack that the previous winner posts. Maybe I could've done better if I had more time. Thanks for the feedback!

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  2. 1 hour ago, Joyrex said:

    This came to me totally out of nowhere (someone emailed me via the Contact Us link for the forum), and while I would love to do this, here (as I see them) are the stark reality bits we need to address:

    • Tom is notoriously private/aloof (from what I have observed) when it comes to fans/interacting with them - I'm sure WATMM is not a place he visits (or ever has) and has zero to little interest in associating with (not a slight on us personally; I think he like Richard and the rest of these artists (Autechre being the exception) prefer to keep a distance between their art and the people who obsess over it.
    • Tom would ultimately have to sign off on this (and possibly Richard) if anything contractual exists since this was supposed to come out on MEN Records.
    • Highly unlikely as it is, Tom may have plans for this we're not aware of (digital release via Bleepstore, physical release, etc.)
    • Tom himself may not want these tracks released, for reasons that are his own - and as an artist, we must respect his wishes. That's not to say he wouldn't change his mind, if the circumstances were agreeable to him.
    • I'm not sure there would be a charity aspect to this project (unless that was a condition Tom wanted); may make this appear to be a cash grab.
    • Depending on factors we are not aware of (which kind of goes back to the second bulleted item), Tom may not be able to release these tracks in this manner, even if he wanted to.

    Besides all this, getting into contact with Tom would be the first major challenge - I could ask my contact at WARP if they'd pass along the proposal, or put something on Twitter to see if there is any reaction from whomever runs the @Squarepusher account. He may just ignore all of this, and this goes no further than the years of pleas to release the Rome track, etc.

    I welcome any feedback and ideas about how to accomplish or overcome some of the issues listed above, and any other factors that you may think important to consider.

    It's better to try to do something about this than to assume that nothing will happen in my opinion. Ask your contact at Warp, let's see where this goes!

  3. 3 hours ago, phudoshin said:

    What set is this from? - always loved it and glad it was looped to 4 mins... imagine the full studio track! Squarepusher perfection making the drums goes fast


    It's from Aphex Twin's set (Temple Bar, Dublin 2001)

  4. I love this album way too much. My top favorite is Drukqs and this album comes after it.

    I also imagine; what if we got the extra tracks on the album (on release), how cool would THAT be?

    It would have blew minds even more if that happened back then and to be honest, even with its vanilla status it still blows minds of both new listeners and people that come back to it.

    I just love the whole album with its extra tracks and can't choose any favorite track in particular because they are all so good.

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