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  1. 1 minute ago, donquixote said:

    Realised it's my missis birthday too (mad coincidences all around here) This could be hard to swing. Gonna cost me I reckon but will be worth it!! 

    Visa and other expenses would cost me a lot so I can easily forget it I think. Getting a visa especially is a pain in the arse for me.

  2. 1 minute ago, donquixote said:

    she said live date may 20th too?!??! wheres the tickets people!??!? frantc right now!! wooop

    She also said it was with a "very, very, very, very" special guest. Legitimately said it 4 times.

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  3. Okay so I have two guesses for today (and I hope either of them happen):

    1. The countdown on the Japanese site ends. The album and the single is announced, and the Bleepstore opens.
    2. Since the two posts on Facebook and Twitter are shared around the same hours (but different dates), the album and the single is announced then while the Bleepstore opens. So around 2 hours or more after the countdown on the Japanese store ends.

  4. Tracklist is out! The album can also be pre-ordered physically through Amazon. Though no public announcements yet, still. I've updated the original post. Tracklist + pre-order link can be reached through there. Also, new picture up on Bleep (not his Bleepstore, it's not open yet).


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    After a 5 year hiatus that has seen him delve into a range of diverse musical projects, Squarepusher will return with new album, Be Up A Hello. After exciting fans with his hour long mix of brain-melting breakbeat and jungle for Warp's 30th anniversary NTS takeover in June, expectation has been bubbling away for official new material. The album sees Tom Jenkinson getting back to using analogue hardware, the same equipment that first helped him develop his sound in the early '90's to craft nine new pieces which chart a journey into harder and darker territory. From rinsing breakbeat tracks such as Nervelevers and Terminal Slam to darker moments such as Vortrack and Mekrev Bass, the album illustrates Tom's continuing fascination with finely balanced psychological overload. As such, 'Be Up A Hello' gives a nod to the mayhem, joyousness and abandon of the DIY Essex rave scene that was a strong determinant in Tom's work.


    1. Oberlove
    2. Hitsonu
    3. Nervelevers
    4. Speedcrank
    5. Detroit People Mover
    6. Vortrack
    7. Terminal Slam
    8. Mekrev Bass
    9. 80 Ondula



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  6. https://squarepusher.net

    This site is online now but there is no content. The "Accept Cookies" bar on the bottom reminds me of the one in Aphex's Bleepstore. We might be getting a Squarepusher Bleepstore.


    Looking through the "Sources" of the website...


    ...it has a cart and other things related to it...


    ...and it is made by Ochre just like the Aphex bleepstore and others.

    EDIT 2: 


    Vortrack has been seen on the link above but it was removed after some time. It is counting down (to the announcement date, maybe?).

    The countdown will end on 15:00 GMT, Wednesday (if I calculated correctly).

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