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  1. https://squarepusher.net

    This site is online now but there is no content. The "Accept Cookies" bar on the bottom reminds me of the one in Aphex's Bleepstore. We might be getting a Squarepusher Bleepstore.


    Looking through the "Sources" of the website...


    ...it has a cart and other things related to it...


    ...and it is made by Ochre just like the Aphex bleepstore and others.

    EDIT 2: 


    Vortrack has been seen on the link above but it was removed after some time. It is counting down (to the announcement date, maybe?).

    The countdown will end on 15:00 GMT, Wednesday (if I calculated correctly).

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  2. 1 hour ago, andrd said:

    They probably wanted to announce after the box set shipped out so it didn't overshadow it completely


    You might be right. This right here was sent out in the WXAXRXP newsletter. I feel like it might be the single.


  3. https://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/459703

    Some new details on this website. They are selling digitals so it's not vinyl only.

    Vortrack is 5 minutes and 28 seconds and Vortrack (Fracture Remix) is 8 minutes and 2 seconds . 

    ...and why does it say that the release date is tomorrow? Isn't it the 6th of December? Maybe more details are going to be shared tomorrow.

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  4. It'll take a bit more time until they announce it publicly. I'm guessing the same will happen to what happened with All Night Chroma. Why do they do it this way though? Weird.

  5. Buy: Bandcamp



    Upcoming release from Sitdownandance!

    Having influenced by Warp and Rephlex catalogues at the second half of the 90s, Koko Uno started his experiments through the computer he got by collecting newspaper coupons. These experiments, extending from 1999 to 2009, are the core ingredients of this cassette. Half of the compositions in the album are inspired by a record tale released by Milliyet publishing, "Haşarı Uzaylı (Alien Insect)". These excerpts can be heard at the songs such as Macera, Son and Hayalet.

    The remaining half of the album is comprised of compositions created in this time span, that do not intend a common theme.

    It's art-work designed by Selin Arısoy (Instagram: @nilesyosira), mastered by Salih Topuz in Cambazlı HQ.

    The album consists of 25 tracks and will be released in cassette and digital formats.

    Release date: 25/11/2019


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  6. Pre-order: Bandcamp



    The second full-length record from Amon Tobin in less than a year, Long Stories, is out October 25th.

    long stories and fear in a handful of dust were made in parallel. fear is like a stretched line with extreme softness at one end and pointed angles at the other. stories pushes in through the center and is mainly concerned with balance. so harmony and melody basically.

    a good portion of the record was made with just one instrument, the ugly misshapen gray plastic omnichord that somehow only makes sounds that sound like magic. these get processed through a slew of creamy analogue machines. so it's like magic folded into chocolate. like something margot robbie might eat.


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  7. Purchase: Bandcamp



    This guy made music with his MC909 everywhere and it was always a bangin experience. Fluctuosa from Istanbul puts 8 tunes from his MC 909 era out on tape. All tracks are cuts from live gigs he played with his groovebox. But life has more to offer so RIP M.C 909.

    Releases September 9, 2019.

    All tracks produced by Fluctuosa. (fluctuosa.com)
    Mastered by Salih Topuz in Cambazli HQ. (sitdownandance.bandcamp.com)
    Artwork and design by Eymen Sahin.


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  8. 20 minutes ago, chronical said:

    didn't that already happen? 

    Yes but I feel like Paradox didn't only post this just for an event, I think there could be more (which could be the collab we're talking about here, but I'm just speculating ofc)

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