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  1. I've been listening to this EP more than I listened to anything that came out post-Syro (including Syro too).
  2. Heorge Garrison was him. It was pretty close to Steinvord imo. EDIT: When I asked him, he said he has a lot of other aliases.
  3. IIRC they did something cheeky with the way the sides are labelled or something. I don't recall exactly what though. Like some vinyl had the A and B sides reversed? Anyone member? I had 2 copies at one time and I'm almost certain the A side on one had 3 tracks and the A side on the other had only 2 tracks. So some copies were fucked up in terms of track names/amount of tracks on side? That's weird.
  4. I actually just did that. It's a pitched down, and reversed version of the vocal sample that goes "east sound, west sound". Still trying to find the origin of the sample so I can post it here. You can easily reverse the track and hear it almost clearly. EDIT: Found the origin of the sample (at the beginning after "heyheyhey!")
  5. I still think this is Beatwife (Rognvald now)
  6. Where's this from? Collapse EP page on Aphex Twin Store (aphextwin.warp.net)
  7. I also would like to know what Squarepusher has to offer tbh. If he steps ups his game from his last release, shit might get intense.
  8. I'm not sure if I want to order the CD. I barely listen to CD's that I bought before. Might as well just go for the 24-bit wavs tbh.
  9. Let me quote something real quick from Reddit. I couldn't try it because it's not available in my country. Could be great if someone else tried this here.
  10. I feel like the video might go live on Warp's YouTube channel at the same hour that was written on Adult Swim.
  11. Also I hope that he makes a come back on his website after the EP's release. Would love to see his older releases there with bunch of new tracks added to them!
  12. I agree on 'All this teasing for an EP?' But then again, tracks might be really good.
  13. The first sentence says "for this summer" so it's going to be released real soon? And the EP is called 'Collapse' apparently.
  14. It's on The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/30/aphex-twin-elephant-and-castle-mystery-logos
  15. Also warp.net is down right now. (hoping that this means something)
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