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  1. can you ask beatwife to make this heorge song not a thousand dollars? and not $900. like, $1 or $2? Yeah I really want that track tbh.
  2. Short versions of some of those tracks can be found in various places. Some tracks were on his Soundcloud account but removed (found the links, tracks were deleted).
  3. I just asked him about the "Dovedale x0.10" thing. This album is gonna be lovely imo
  4. I remember listening to that Bewwip track on one of his YouTube streams back in February. Wanted for it to get released for so long. Finally it's here! (and it's lovely)
  5. It's out! https://sitdownandance.bandcamp.com/album/gastropods-sdad002
  6. Another track from the EP is up!
  7. First premiere from the EP is here!
  8. I've asked, yes it will. By the way, the links don't seem to be working. Here they are again: https://soundcloud.com/fluctuosa https://www.facebook.com/Fluctuosa https://sitdownandance.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/sitdownandance
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AliJD8ot1Vc This is the second release from the brand new label. SITDOWNANDANCE started as a community in 2012 to widen the community of Electro & Braindance music in 2012. Community is based in Istanbul/Turkey.Fluctuosa's debut EP, "Gastropods" is coming out on 31st of October from the new label SITDOWNANDANCE For future updates check out these places: https://soundcloud.com/fluctuosa https://www.facebook.com/Fluctuosa https://sitdownandance.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/sitdownandance
  10. Indeed: Here is a projected image of me & Aphex Twin enjoying some Hennessy on the roof last night pic.twitter.com/b7nO3MQsWe — RAJA® (@L0RDRAJA) October 15, 2017 Why doesn't that look like Aphex to me?
  11. Are there any pics or vids of this sandpaper gig?
  12. nice find, thanks for this!
  13. Anxiously waiting for the Friday for some user18081971/daddy1 activity Why Friday? Did he say something before that I missed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFNRRw2evlk Oh shit I forgot E6603 cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
  14. Anxiously waiting for the Friday for some user18081971/daddy1 activity Why Friday? Did he say something before that I missed?
  15. He added Stone In Focus as "track 19 [side 5, track 2, omitted from CD's]" and description is: https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/68148
  16. Digitals are here! https://kunst-audio.bandcamp.com/album/kunst
  17. Burial remix sounds a lot better after not listening it for a while
  18. 54 Cymru Beats (Argonaut Mix) and Cock 10 (Delco Freedom Mix) are gone.
  19. https://soundcloud.com/sariuo/sariuo-we-dont-bluff
  20. Oh hell yes.. the first thing from Aphex Twin i ever heard Might be worth an ask on the store.. ? If dont i probably will lol I want That audible audience orgasm at 4:05 is my exact reaction ...and this is the unreleased part of Rubber Johnny (NSFW) Apparently Rubber Johnny would also feature a woman version of it, and they were supposed to play around (don't know too much detail to this though)
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