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  1. cautiously optimistic about this. kannon was terribly uninteresting and i have a feeling o'malley is too pretentious these days to ever make another album as good as monoliths... idk, hope i'm wrong
  2. there’s already an excellent rip of ab5 out there tho
  3. my t level is less than 0.5 nmol/l but that's on purpose
  4. i gotta hear this!!!!! could i get a PM maybe
  5. i meant 'you' as in the general 'you', not specifically you
  6. why on earth would you think this is him. god people are so desperate
  7. hows this work if i actually am gay. do i post my straight crush
  8. plastic sleeves are baaad news. i always immediately replace them with a paper one
  9. still listening to this and continiung to love it. hey mr burglar, what are the lyrics to the first track??? all ive got is "listen to the sound of the voices in your head / listen to the [grunt?] of the monster under your bed"
  10. omg fah is patronen!!! i honestly didn't suspect that at all ahaha i'll email alek and ask what's up, cheers
  11. anyone who ordered the A/B/C/D box get it yet? haven't heard anything since ordering it last year
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