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  1. The real question is, do we toss our Ariel Pink and John Maus albums?
  2. Warp must be building up steam for a release otherwise this makes no sense.
  3. it's identical to the boxing day version on youtube. why bother?
  4. This early ae stuff is rad! wasn't sure if i was still listening to the boc mix
  5. Who cares what it's called, wearing those new tunes on a proper release will be sweet!
  6. ...what? that's five minutes long and is probably just shake and bakes' recording. I want the whole set sounding like that! This sounds amazing!
  7. bears aren't sold out anymore...
  8. This show was unreal! Had no idea seeing him live was so important, definitely took the throne over the birth of my children.
  9. Brooklyn Record Exchange is hands down the best in the area.
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