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  1. nice to see people appreciating these guys. growing up in metro detroit, the radio would play rock lobster and legal tender and mesopotamia which is what piqued my interest beyond owning cosmic thing as a child. i really enjoy their first three albums a lot, although if i'm being honest i think Whammy could have been a really great EP instead of an ok album. the guitar playing/singing on "runnin around" off of wild planet is nuts. more people should hear it. and why wasn't "give me back my man" a bigger hit? or "legal tender", "mesopotamia"? everyone i've ever showed these songs to have been like "whoa! i had no idea!". i always wonder how they would have evolved had ricky not died. like one of the big tragedies of the era. he seemed like he was getting into cool shit with Whammy and Mesopotamia. furthering their sound. really underrated guy.
  2. it saddens me to think there are people out there not listening to this
  3. i fucking love the grooves only autechre can come up with
  4. that was the most transcendental two hours ive ever spent with music.
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