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  1. SYNCAV by SDEMBest thing I’ve heard all year.
  2. Well this is pleasant news
  3. Yo I second that. I get so much more out of his Aerial series than I do just about anything else out there, period…
  4. It was nice to see last night, with Jupiter and Saturn and Venus.
  5. I just quit after the first couple of each of the new series. I got completely burnt out!
  6. As someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, it looks like a controlled taxi and there are other vids of it flying around at 100 feet. The Afghan-now Taliban Air Force pilot knows what they’re doing. We trained em!
  7. Ah Lee Perry fuck he seemed like he’d always be around. Im sad.
  8. That psychic hearts album of his was pretty great (for the time) and I still find myself having a song or two off of it bouncing around my head all these years later… but ultimately I’m kind of on team Kim, too… Come on get in the car…
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