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  1. Today I busted out “the name of someone” and listened to Kuklos. This is one of the most vast lynchian in another dimension sounding pieces of his I’ve heard.
  2. I kind of like how it’s a variation of a theme that each gets to mutate it’s own unique way
  3. Whoever said he’ll burn it all down if he can was spot on. This is like only one of a few criminal things imminent-ish too, right?
  4. I really get mildly emotional when I watch the sledgehammer video. It’s just such a great tune and you see the work it took and you’re amazed and it takes you back to being a 5 year old watching mtv seeing it. 🥺
  5. So can anyone tell me if the draft vinyl artwork is the same as it was in 2003? I’m coming off of having owned the cd for 20 years and I’m just so impressed with the extra detail with the vinyl artwork.
  6. ok! this tune is great. The new tune is great. I think I need to revisit everything with an open mind.
  7. I remember stumbling upon We Are Monster and being totally obsessed with about half of the album around the time it came out. I just revisited it not too long ago and it’s fantastic stuff. I never really could get into anything else he’s done before or since that album. He’s cool though. I hope it’s a great album.
  8. Got shipping notification oh yeah
  9. Jimmy Carter is in hospice care. Good guy. Send him good vibes.
  10. Chocolate synthesizer is such a great album
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