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  1. What can I possibly say about Tago Mago? It’s one of those albums that still amazes me after 20+ years of listening to it. Can are great.
  2. I work in public transportation and you’d (maybe) be surprised at how many of my co workers don’t want it. I live in an area where things are trending in the wrong direction - again. Variants popping up locally... Hospitalizations for Covid locally are at an all time high. It was such a minor inconvenience to deal with feeling like ass for part of a day (I have moderna). I took the day off.
  3. I just hope these vaccines are good against the inevitable variant wave that’s gonna fuck a lot more shit up. Ugh.
  4. I’ve always considered myself a big Seefeel fan but I never had the appreciation for Tied like I do now. Rad tune.
  5. That sucks but makes sense. I hope it’s not something that empty: Advertising that they’re coming to streaming platforms and collecting your info to sell. I really want some new Mbv stuff that they talked about having ready years ago etc...
  6. Why sign up for a mailing list for that, though?
  7. Went on a binge and got lsd, stolen, musick, black light district, and time machines for starters
  8. Man I’m trying not to get too excited lol
  9. Unafraid To Linger ❤️
  10. Appreciate it! Their catalogue is quite varied and vast and I appreciate having some recommendations for starting points!
  11. I’ve recently (thanks to this thread and it’s users) been trying to dive into the world of coil and I just have to say the black light district album is just amazing. If I was blown away by that, where else can I go?
  12. Yeah for real. I love astrobotnia. And I also miss the project v/mental union/boom blaster era. I played those albums soooo much. I was looking forward to more mental union parts and then the colundi stuff exploded and it’s all been a blur. Dude was coming up with all sorts of brilliant tunes and hey he can do whatever he wants. I’ll buy it. I just miss that exciting time when boom blaster and mental union blew my mind.
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