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  1. I think this album is great. I’ve been missing albums that are consistent and interesting and good to play through. Yo this one satisfies me a lot.
  2. Some of my absolute favorite of his. Nice.
  3. I guess it goes without saying that it was canceled. I wasn’t surprised. The thought of a 73-74 year old touring around in the midst of covid-19 really doesn’t seem right and I’m okay with it, personally. Maybe next year or something?
  4. Satellite Anthem Icarus will always be a fav of mine
  5. Palace Posy having this Minneapolis/St. Paul reference seems appropriate today.
  6. That egberto gismonti song ?
  7. apologies if this has been posted already!!!
  8. Man he made it sound so smooth and easy. What an amazing drummer. Sad to hear about this.
  9. Made an overwhelming majority of his bandcamp albums pay what you want.
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