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  1. Why wasn’t this a hit
  2. Love this tune. Thanks for posting it
  3. Speck voice is one of my favs. I’ve been waiting for this forever. Yay
  4. So censure him. He shouldn’t receive a pension or any government benefits.
  5. I’m of the understanding he has to be convicted in the senate first
  6. I kinda believe them when they said they’re just sorta nihilistic about stuff now so I doubt that’s coming
  7. Probably without any kind of real consequence to themselves, I mean.
  8. Kinda bullshit though that these corporations can sponsor people and platforms that whipped everyone into a frenzy to the point of civil war and are now like “oh shit. My bad.” And pulling funding and endorsements etc
  9. I always loved this from one of their epic broadcasts
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