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  1. This is the sort of gem that I truly appreciate when people of watmm put it on my radar. T.Hanks
  2. Same. They just don’t have anything good.
  3. Yeah they end up everywhere and that only compounds an already dire situation… I just wondered to what extent all these masks made out of allegedly “safe” polypropylene increase the micro plastics found in our bodies since they’re found everywhere else. I’ve seen SO many people using single use masks obviously way more than once and just wondered what if any effect this has as they degrade.
  4. Don’t tear me apart for an honest question here: What did all of the disposable masks do for us and micro plastics in us?
  5. This is why I hardly ever eat out anywhere. People are gross and have no regard for food safety.
  6. I took the day off today so naturally I listened to my korm plastics reissue of “A Thirsty Fish” quite loud for the first time in quite a while. (Years.) I had quite the experience with the last piece, “An Elderly Testament”. This piece, ugh. It’s perfect.
  7. Man. I ordered these the day they were announced and still haven’t received them. Anyone else in this boat?
  8. There are some sounds in the mix that to me sounded familiar, like the source of a sound here and there from known tunes. It was cool. The whole day was. First Amks live I was able to actually catch live in ages. Such a great way to spend the day. :::grateful:::
  9. SYNCAV by SDEMBest thing I’ve heard all year.
  10. Yo I second that. I get so much more out of his Aerial series than I do just about anything else out there, period…
  11. It was nice to see last night, with Jupiter and Saturn and Venus.
  12. I just quit after the first couple of each of the new series. I got completely burnt out!
  13. As someone pointed out in the YouTube comments, it looks like a controlled taxi and there are other vids of it flying around at 100 feet. The Afghan-now Taliban Air Force pilot knows what they’re doing. We trained em!
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