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  1. I can’t imagine this would be anything but a chain reaction of disasters for things like nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, etc
  2. I am trying to wrap my head around how quickly it actually is all just falling apart.
  3. Forever chemicals and the great lakes
  4. Really enjoying phantasia II. These tunes have a cool almost krautrock vibe to em.
  5. The west is hot and dry. The midwest is getting unreal amounts of rain. It’s all out of wack.
  6. I just did a few digits at a time thing typing it out. Man I wouldn’t know one title from the other.
  7. Am I missing something? FI3AC2033050 isnt on here?
  8. This new live album is great
  9. Charles Grodin (better known as the man who played Martin Daniels in the blockbuster smash Clifford) deserves a shout out. For some reason I can’t embed these but I was turned on to his letterman appearances (they’re on YouTube) and he was funnier than f.
  10. A lot of the releases on this label are super intriguing. Thanks! Got some checking to do.
  11. What can I possibly say about Tago Mago? It’s one of those albums that still amazes me after 20+ years of listening to it. Can are great.
  12. I work in public transportation and you’d (maybe) be surprised at how many of my co workers don’t want it. I live in an area where things are trending in the wrong direction - again. Variants popping up locally... Hospitalizations for Covid locally are at an all time high. It was such a minor inconvenience to deal with feeling like ass for part of a day (I have moderna). I took the day off.
  13. I just hope these vaccines are good against the inevitable variant wave that’s gonna fuck a lot more shit up. Ugh.
  14. I’ve always considered myself a big Seefeel fan but I never had the appreciation for Tied like I do now. Rad tune.
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