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  1. I Remember Green on Top BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  2. on dark horse overlord acid+7 @trenched: I have nice stories about them at gigs, here's one, My M&D drove to a gig of mine in Bristol [Thekla], stopped on the way to ask 2 lads if they knew the way, they said, 'yeah were going there', so my dad said 'oh get in, we'll give you a lift' [he used to give hitchhikers lifts a lot anyway] and when the lads were in the backseat, they saw the AFX logo my mum had put on the dashboard, my mum said they looked confused, like why two old people would have that in their car, so they asked 'sorry, but why do you you have that logo? ', my mum said 'because he's our son!', 'Son!' they replied 'he's our god!' my dad used to love to tell that story.. Haha, Nice:)
  3. what do they say? onlyboringpeoplearebored
  4. Freedom is Never Negotiable but Eating at a Shitty Restaurant is
  5. I Remember CORVID-19 BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  6. when i go to the dam the dutch are always passing me j's not rude in the least:)
  7. aphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacidaphexacid don't worry just RAVE
  8. I Remember Joe Diffie Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (When I Die) not (If I Die) BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  9. Haha:) Sesame Street "Sunny Day, Chasin' the Clouds away" has changed to "Sunny Day, Sweepin' the Clouds away" BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  10. @yekker What Do You Remember? BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  11. "Sunny Day, Chasin' the Clouds away" BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  12. "In the name of Jesus... I execute judgment on you, COVID-19!... It! Is! Finished! It! Is! Over!" -Kenneth Copeland I heard ol' kenneth did well when he was in the military Proof, you ask? Rank: Major DICKHEAD
  13. OK BOOMER Esiason BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  14. Matrix Effect known as The Mandela Effect to everyone else gets its own category on JEOPARDY! Thanks to MoneyBags73 Just Repeat "Nothing is Happening:)" BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun:)
  15. stayawayfromTim_J just cause it rhymed:)
  16. nowgiveussomeacid:)
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