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  1. Any more opinions? It's made with my field recorder and lots of recorded sounds in the kitchen. The sub is a synth though.
  2. Thanks man! Loving the feedback from your daughter, wish her merry Christmas ?
  3. Merry christmas and so on. Opinions on this?
  4. Really like that rolling bass line! I think I would change the chords in bar 3 and 4 a little bit. Maybe you can add some chorus or something on the guitar to make it fit into the whole synth sound a bit more. Merry christmas!
  5. Which violin in which part? Do you mean the lead melody that comes in at 2.28?
  6. Hai, The title is in Swedish and means "a crackling insanity". What do you think? Is the mix alright? Does the drone followed by the piano and bass work?
  7. This is really nice. I would like to see some melodic variation on that repetitive melody that comes in at 1.50 if I'm going to nitpick. Perhaps the drums can be a tad higher in the mix as well. Impressed, very good!
  8. Hmm will have to listen critically to hear what you mean about the low end. I am moving notes on the drone there, so it's not just a single sustained note; it's the same notes as the strings that come jn later on. So maybe that is why the low end is lost a bit on the higher notes. Otherwise I'm pretty ok with just adding layers. Thanks for the detailed feedback, really appreciate it! And aye aye sir on stating the instruments there :)
  9. Thank you sir! I was thinking of maybe adding some radio transmissions fx to make it a little more interesting, good point.
  10. Thanks man! Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  11. Made this using my Sub Phatty and some Spitfire sample libraries. Slapped some compression and a limiter on the master track. What do you think? Are there enough elements going on to make the track interesting in the first half?
  12. Very cool. Liking that choir patch that comes in after 1 min. Appropriate track length as well.
  13. I'm going to Richmond, London tomorrow! I listened to that blinkta track. There is some cool sound design going on here. I think you can maybe make the track less dense and give it more space. Let less elements be talking at the same time and space them out. Liking that sort of break at 4.30. There you have something nice going on with the percussion and the synth underneath. I would just keep removing elements here and end the track around the 6-7 min mark.
  14. Thanks man. Are you talking about New Ting or another track?Yeah new ting demo track. Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  15. I like the bass drum and the pad that comes in later. I feel like the bass sound and the other synth sounds can be switched for some other sounds, but I guess that is a taste thing. Composition wise it works, but needs to be a bit longer I think. Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  16. Hmmm maybe "Framgång genom samarbete " [emoji14] Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  17. Hey guys, I this is an album I worked on throughout 2018. What do you think? Obviously get it if you don't want to listen to the whole thing but one track maybe? The tracks are in Swedish. The title means "after the factory has shut down" sort of. I was thinking of maybe paying for mastering and have it self released on like bandcamp and Spotify. Just to have gotten the experience, even if the album is a 5/10 (hopefully). Does that sound reasonable? https://soundcloud.com/zoixx/sets/efter-fabrikens-staengningstid Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk My phone sucks, please remove this duplicate... Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  18. I also like the last part without the drums best. I do like the part with the drums though, just that I think after the 1.30 mark some plucky melody or a sweeping pad or something needs to come in. How did you make this, lots of chopped up samples? Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  19. Thanks for the feedback guys. I removed some low frequencies on the organ chords and raised the volume on the other tracks. Feel pretty finished with it now.
  20. Hai hai, What do you think of this track? Too much bass? Is the arrangement interesting enough? https://soundcloud.com/zoixx/avskedtrack
  21. Box Space 02 has a vibe, but I feel like it needs to go somewhere else at 2.52. Perhaps add percussion and hihat/cymbals so that it builds a bit more.
  22. Parade rush is pretty intense, how long does it go on for if this is just a preview? :O S is easier to listen to, but while listening I am waiting for the track to slow down in tempo and enter some groovy loop with the drums and a bassline or something. Where do you get the samples from?
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