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  1. would love to hear some more of his music, there was a small clip in the doc and it sounded a bit burzum esque. All i could find is that you can 'apparently' purchase his old keyboard from prison https://www.darkcrimecollectables.co.uk/product-page/dennis-nilsen-s-keyboard
  2. does a complete live recording exist of the 2006 turku set??? sounded great from the short youtube clip. Looked in downloads but couldn't find anything : /
  3. Learn some scales, noodle around with those scales on the piano for an hour (i mean seriously noodle like just go to town on) don't think just hit random keys, do flourishes think medieval/baroque, make sure all the random keys you're hitting are in the scale though. Record all the midi, listen back and pick out a melody from there. Don't do a minutes worth though, really just fuck around for a good 20 mins at least. Out of randomness comes patterns eventually : ) if you've got a good ear, you'll find something in the mess.
  4. I've had mild anxiety since 2013 that Kentaro Muira would pass before finishing Berserk and it's finally happened. Gutted for him and gutted for Berserk followers. Real sad day, he was the grandmaster of manga.
  5. Probably why he hardly plays any of his own tunes live anymore, a reaction to the tunnel vision of the aphex fandom.
  6. Yeah i agree with you. Although i wasn't really clear in my argument, my point was that Aphex probably believes that these people were superior to him and that they'd 'already done it'. Didn't stop him making music like them and potentially surpassing them. Just wanted to cheer up the person who started this thread.
  7. probably the outcome of revolving your entire personality/life around music and nothing else, no grounding in reality, no struggle, no culture. He's perfect at music and that's his problem, it's your idiosyncrasies as a musician that gives you your uniqueness but he is total musical perfection and what comes out is just that, bland. You don't wanna hear perfect music, it sucks.
  8. Neutron 9000 did it better Erik Satie did it better Brian Eno did it better Drexciya did it better Aphex tried to reach these heights but ultimately failed and look where he ended up 😉
  9. genuinely unaware of this phenomenon, what is the 'ableton sound'?
  10. Anyone have any experience with using Logic Pro 9.1.8 on El Capitan? Checked elsewhere on the internet and heard conflicting reports, hoping someone on here has done this and whether they've experienced any issues. Currently on Yosemite so would just be upgrading as opposed to reinstalling everything.
  11. Anyone hoping for Kier Starmer or Angela Rayner as new leader?
  12. Glad to see hes still doing some proper experimental stuff, that rinse out tune is decent.
  13. Yeah it's a rip off a radio show i think. I found another track by the same artist that has a slightly similar kick, better audio quality too. The kick starts at around 1.20 Thankyou all for the advice, need to give the delay feedback thing a go, i got kind of close to a real thumping sound by using platinum verb in logic turning all the way to wet and just lowering the room size (lost a lot of high end though) Don't know if that has a similar effect to what ur describing. Do you think she just used a sample pack for this kick or synthesised herself? The kick has an earthy yet industrial vibe to it which made it quite interesting to me.
  14. what is this about???? sounds pretty bangin whoever it is
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