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  1. Anyone have any experience with using Logic Pro 9.1.8 on El Capitan? Checked elsewhere on the internet and heard conflicting reports, hoping someone on here has done this and whether they've experienced any issues. Currently on Yosemite so would just be upgrading as opposed to reinstalling everything.
  2. Anyone hoping for Kier Starmer or Angela Rayner as new leader?
  3. Glad to see hes still doing some proper experimental stuff, that rinse out tune is decent.
  4. Yeah it's a rip off a radio show i think. I found another track by the same artist that has a slightly similar kick, better audio quality too. The kick starts at around 1.20 Thankyou all for the advice, need to give the delay feedback thing a go, i got kind of close to a real thumping sound by using platinum verb in logic turning all the way to wet and just lowering the room size (lost a lot of high end though) Don't know if that has a similar effect to what ur describing. Do you think she just used a sample pack for this kick or synthesised herself? The kick has an earthy yet indus
  5. what is this about???? sounds pretty bangin whoever it is
  6. I second the PG8X, if you scour the internet you can find some amazing presets for it too. Does amazing pads and the bass on that thing is lush
  7. Yeah I know vsts now are very good but they do also sound kinda sterile. I guess the low quality of the old ones is what appeals to me, its like the playstaion 1 sound card is crap but it sounds amazing to me, really earthy.
  8. mda JX10 for me, so buggy and unstable. Even more so for me as i had to wrap it into an audio unit to be able to use it in Logic. But the sound just has this amazing dusty quality to it, i swear some of these early VST's are gonna become just as loved as some analogue equipment. To me it has its own sound, somewhere in between analogue and digital.
  9. I guess that's probably why i like it haha, it has a unique sound to it. Always find it easier to place things in the mix when im using it. I'm talking about the mpreverb by the way.
  10. always loved renoises own reverb, i think with redux you can use it within your own DAW of choice. Was thinking about getting redux just for this reason.
  11. Thanks for the help! I have u-tonic and have managed to get kind of close but always still feels like it's missing the depth and power. What do you mean by offsetting the transients?
  12. Looking for some help as to how to construct a kick like this? I know the kick sounds kinda standard but it has a weight and fullness that I've been trying to perfect but not really quite got there. Any tips would be welcome : ) Audio Quality of the track isn't great but you get the idea
  13. Did anyone manage to rip the Lorenzo Senni set? Didn't get a chance to listen : (
  14. Yeah I’ve heard that one before, was hoping for like a series or something. Get to wear my headphones for most of my shift at work so always looking for informative stuff to listen to
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