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  1. Thanks for the help! I have u-tonic and have managed to get kind of close but always still feels like it's missing the depth and power. What do you mean by offsetting the transients?
  2. Looking for some help as to how to construct a kick like this? I know the kick sounds kinda standard but it has a weight and fullness that I've been trying to perfect but not really quite got there. Any tips would be welcome : ) Audio Quality of the track isn't great but you get the idea
  3. Did anyone manage to rip the Lorenzo Senni set? Didn't get a chance to listen : (
  4. Yeah I’ve heard that one before, was hoping for like a series or something. Get to wear my headphones for most of my shift at work so always looking for informative stuff to listen to
  5. Does anybody know of any good music production podcasts floating around the internet? Specifically ones that focus on mixing techniques and electronic music. Tried looking but it’s quite difficult sifting through all the debris.
  6. Gonna go out on a limb here The London 03.06.17 EP is superior to both syro and collapse
  7. Looking for some advice on how to get this effect? Happens around 2:40 in It’s a kind of sucking/twirling effect Any help would be greatly appreciated : ) Thanks
  8. this was mindfucked when the film speed slowed to "normal" & colour introduced, the pacing, witness testimonies, utterly eerie & spellbinding w/out the element of voyeurism that can creep into war/trauma coverage Honeslty some parts felt like a bad acid trip. Those faces of the soldiers which became distorted (I'm guessing due to the frame rate conversion) paired with those horrific images of bodies entangled in barbwire. Then you had the (for some reason) super fast voice overs, just like a barrage of voices, the editing never let up. was fucking crazy and made me feel uncomfortable but in an enjoyable way.
  9. Hi ceiling whaddya mean by the "rustle effect", cud u please explain it a lil more? I've had it on and off for years now, just in my left ear. Certain high frequencies cause this weird rustle sound, difficult to explain. It sounds like someone crinkling a rizla inside my ear, literally sounds like my ear drum has been slightly perforated. Wouldn't worry about it if you don't have it, not sure if it has any link to tinnitus. Is there something bad about laptop speakers in particular? I use mine a lot. Probably not no haha, I just did it myself cause high frequencies just send my ear awol. For me I can clearly feel that high frequency stuff just really bugs my ears out so i dropped the laptop speakers for a while. For me personally, having a fuller sound just sounds more gentle on my ears.
  10. Had a really bad bout of tinnitus last year, felt semi-suicidal. Kept calm and realised reading about it wasn't doing me any favours. Alongside the tinnitus I also had that sound where high pitches would create this rustle effect in my left ear, super annoying. Was a drummer since I was a kid and really kind of took the piss with my ears so kinda felt like it was karma catching up to me. Anyway I just went all out and stopped listening to music over laptop speakers, started playing at a super low volume on headphones and on my monitors. Always wore earplugs anytime I went to a gig/club and if there was a moment i went somewhere and they were blaring loud music unexpectedly, i'd just up and leave. Started blocking my ears every time an ambulance would go past. Basically just did everything I could to protect my ears. After many months of sleepless nights and lots of despair it did slowly begin to fade, it would still crop up of a morning really quite heavily but as the day went on it would be begin to fade again. I avoided bad stuff about tinnitus on the internet and just kept reading this Kevin Shields interview about how he coped with tinnitus and to be honest that was a huge help, soon realised that it probably wasn't ever going to properly go away and i think that was the key to be honest. As soon as I started to not fight it and kind of accept that it was a part of me, it went away! Now when i saw it went away I can't be sure it really has but it just doesn't register in my psyche anymore. However If i go to a gig or anything i still always wear earplugs and try to maintain a decent volume when making music at home cause if i let my ears get to the point of ringing again it takes at least a week for it to die down again. Obviously everyone is different and probably some people have very strong tinnitus for years that will just never go away. Just thought id mention my story for anyone who may have acquired it recently and is suddenly panicking that it could last forever.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo1rBS0ATZS/?taken-by=paradoxmusicuk Discuss?
  12. Best thing since The Tuss 4 sure. The mixing is perplexing doe, not use to Aphex being so heavily panned all the time but i'll roll with it : ) : )
  13. Is that the missing live version bit of collapse playing on that clip? yep :) Wonder if that cut part will be included on the special edition? wait, so the vinyls have already arrived for some people? I would assume that weirdcore got special treatment completely ignored the fact it was weirdcore's insta thought it was some random guy
  14. Is that the missing live version bit of collapse playing on that clip? yep :) Wonder if that cut part will be included on the special edition? wait, so the vinyls have already arrived for some people?
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