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  1. LFO and Coffee O'clock for me. I feel like saturday morning at 9:30am with summer sun pouring thru the window is not the ideal setting for LFO, but not complaining.
  2. After Sunday’s part 2, I hope they don’t wait until Warp 40 to share more of this with us.
  3. Overreacting in my joy, but right now I would trade 87% of the NTS Sessions box set for hours of this stuff.
  4. I’m just sitting here with a big ol’ grin. Happy hour, truly, here in East Coast.
  5. Neither direct YouTube URLs work anymore. Guess that's that. Hope someone grabbed them before they were removed by NTS. Update: NTS seems to have put up the whole clip as a new upload:
  6. YouTube video stream is dead, but I can hear the audio on nts.live on my Mac. Update: new URL that works = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_3j_1rqXGY
  7. I found out yesterday that both Broadcast sessions have been on SoundCloud (no downloading though) for a while. Just google for Trish's Toys & Techniques Birthday Tape.
  8. thanks pacman for these updates. i'll try to use them in the collapse logo generator web app i'm making. i should really finish it.
  9. Same here, coming from Boston. Hope your bus has USB power that mine lacks. #firstworldproblems https://youtu.be/r6zzHybq7Gc
  10. hey there, i haven't thought about an android version. i imagine google arcore will provide same or similar support as apple arkit (which i used for the rough demo app seen here), but i don't plan on looking into it. i am however working on a WebAR version, which means both ios and android users could use it. totally on the back-burner though at the moment.
  11. thanks. another short clip, this time looking at rdj's homepage. text works really well with the artwork, which might be why warp went with that press release document as first announcement. i'll try to fix some bugs, then maybe see if the phone can handle live video texture so it's updated constantly. re: sharing, i'm for it but apple makes it so hard to share apps. either i could make a free app but i'd have to go thru apple app store approval hassle, or i could share source code but you'd need a paid developer account to compile and put it on your own phone.
  12. i made a quick-and-dirty iphone app to capture the camera's view & display the resulting 3d model of the artwork in augmented reality. pacman - thank you so much for the blender file! this was good fun - still buggy but it runs. it's especially nice to be able to go inside the 3d artwork with the phone. cheers.
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