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  1. Sure do love that Tenniswood percussion. Can't believe you keep your tools in that nice back-yard.
  2. https://radioactiveman.bandcamp.com/track/body-count
  3. Still one of my top 10 fav albums
  4. blink.mp4 Just a sliver of a moon to the west tonight. Not enough light to bring anything into view to the east. Radio towers off in the distance.
  5. I never said anything about being entitled to anything, I'm just taking the piss. Lighten up a little!
  6. Would've been easier to just not mutilate the track. But yea, taking the original SC upload and fixing the track it myself is well within the realm of possibility. Someone had to do that with the botched Analord WAV too.
  7. Pretty much. It is literally a beautiful place out in the country, complete with ROYGBIVs
  8. Up to date now. https://mega.nz/folder/HMcAgABI#TXaiAlHSGTno2ki_TuoJPQ
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