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  1. [intro]... From dusty tainey bumble scarth, Dorf The Lith hitch tells the hearth.....with my closenips, with my harimalsissted pine.... ...at last, we woke up to the mine. Uhm, dust to gain the Sunday help! I'm good the toot the hip to rack! ...and when is she teed with her tongue us? Then some beef. At last he woke up with the soap. [guitar fill]...we stands on his hips, and we normal lilly...live a heart that never sinks - let us wail. Chew some pain on my pussy, oh my shape maaahhh! [encore] Oh sorry, I'm not ended! [cheering] I'm very CRUEL! Oh ?
  2. No ? It wouldn't be something I'd carelessly throw away, but I still haven't come across it. It was a very basic yoyo, not a high quality one or anything... probably similar in style to the Duncan "Imperial" model, but not a Duncan. Neon green with the red Wagon Christ logo. I am moving in May, perhaps it'll show up!
  3. https://i.imgur.com/m5i5qY7.mp4
  4. sorry for spamming my SC likes, but jesus this "user" is good. you know how I likes my electro tunez
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