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  1. My fav. album so far this year.
  2. Rest In Peace, Honey-girl. 20??-2022.
  3. Gumming the wire brush. Poor girl only has 9 teeth in total, counting the little front ones.
  4. Oops, my bad. Been listening to a lot of Nautilis lately too. NOT Nautilis:
  5. AKA Nautilis. Wonderful album, gets no recognition. This seems like a shit quality copy of the audio, tho, not sure if there's a better quality streaming version.
  6. 01-06 - Nautilis - Moody Groovin'.mp3 iiiI'm not afraid to gank gank gank that bassline. Sheeit... if he wants'ta gank a bassline? .... LET 'IM I'm not afraid to gank gank gank that bassline. 01-04 - Nautilis - Boot Akid (Remix).mp3 From an old Nautilis unreleased that doesn't seem to be mentioned on Discogs. 01-07 - Nautilis - Vaxwax.mp3 @ 2:45 ❤️
  7. Kinda like Plaid and early-AE blended 🐚
  8. I just posted a Kettel track in Now Playing thread, but this Trackermatte remix is up next in my YT playlist so it goes in this thread:
  9. Kettel. I keep coming back to Myam James Part 1 Ridiculously good.
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