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  1. Kinda like Plaid and early-AE blended 🐚
  2. I just posted a Kettel track in Now Playing thread, but this Trackermatte remix is up next in my YT playlist so it goes in this thread:
  3. Kettel. I keep coming back to Myam James Part 1 Ridiculously good.
  4. Listening to "Crossdaddy Bonebags" at the moment, currently on track 4 "Bell Jams". https://www.discogs.com/Crossdaddy-Bonebags-Crossdaddy-Bonebags/release/9600425
  5. JSDOGE.dat I mined these coins myself about 7 years ago, about 2 years of almost 24/7 uptime worth, IIRC. The password may have had something to do with WARP or AFX but beyond that I can't really guess what it might have been. Free for the taking, Smee. Blockchain is cool, useful and valuable the same way that copper wires, fiber optics and water pipes are.
  6. Even when the inventor of the meme-coin explains to the coin's fanbois that: Doge is a joke on and parody of those who believe that random numbers have value when maintained by a hasherizer network ...they still don't get it.
  7. Forgot that Nautilis came back and did a new thing.
  8. Sure do love that Tenniswood percussion. Can't believe you keep your tools in that nice back-yard.
  9. https://radioactiveman.bandcamp.com/track/body-count
  10. Still one of my top 10 fav albums
  11. blink.mp4 Just a sliver of a moon to the west tonight. Not enough light to bring anything into view to the east. Radio towers off in the distance.
  12. I never said anything about being entitled to anything, I'm just taking the piss. Lighten up a little!
  13. Would've been easier to just not mutilate the track. But yea, taking the original SC upload and fixing the track it myself is well within the realm of possibility. Someone had to do that with the botched Analord WAV too.
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