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  1. Forgot that Nautilis came back and did a new thing.
  2. Sure do love that Tenniswood percussion. Can't believe you keep your tools in that nice back-yard.
  3. https://radioactiveman.bandcamp.com/track/body-count
  4. Still one of my top 10 fav albums
  5. blink.mp4 Just a sliver of a moon to the west tonight. Not enough light to bring anything into view to the east. Radio towers off in the distance.
  6. I never said anything about being entitled to anything, I'm just taking the piss. Lighten up a little!
  7. Would've been easier to just not mutilate the track. But yea, taking the original SC upload and fixing the track it myself is well within the realm of possibility. Someone had to do that with the botched Analord WAV too.
  8. Pretty much. It is literally a beautiful place out in the country, complete with ROYGBIVs
  9. Up to date now. https://mega.nz/folder/HMcAgABI#TXaiAlHSGTno2ki_TuoJPQ
  10. Crap, I missed that one. Anyone got more info about that one and whether it is the only one missing from the sheet now? Spreadsheet is updated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11ouNaaVrNp60Ib34Kp0TO1n1XSc7-9DvfiZ9ZiTiD2c Mega is updated, except the filenames don't take 279 Popcorn into account, will need to be fixed when I get up to speed on 2018-2021:
  11. It is a lazy edit (self-admitted, IIRC) that made it sound worse. Only one edit available in cleaned-up format, not paying for it. Removing a chapter from a book after publishing it doesn't erase the history. Junk edit, head up his ass that day. << coming from a huge fan Don't even WHAT?
  12. Been listening to this album all day.
  13. that old music file finding app that nobody talks about still works great. Awesome, never heard of 'em until now. These two are nice:
  14. saying "Fly away babies" after all that time made me think he was always afraid to let go of them for some reason... and now that he has, and has been deleting or modifying them all this time later then that supports my theory. RDJ, if you read this, please understand that I nominated, voted, cheered for and pomoted Organ 28 to be on the list to be cleaned up and released, so it was quite devastating when the mastered version FINALLY came out... I listened to it with a huge smile on my face humming along with the memory of the unmastered SC release in my head, and then all of a sudden the s
  15. No, I lined up the matching parts to show which part he cut out.
  16. The mastered release, titled "28 organ 1.1 [ru,ec,+9]" is only 6m40s. The original unmastered soundcloud upload is 7m26s. RDJ totally ruined the continuity of the piece, not sure why he had his head up his ass that day, but he did. I wish he would have ruined someone else's favorite SC track, since he insisted on ruining ONE.
  17. ^^^ best one of the SoundCloud lot. Too bad RDJ ruined the mastered release by chopping part of it out. I'll never forgive him unless he fixes it.
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