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  1. Hi, sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum section but I will be streaming me playing Autechre's music in the game Audiosurf 2 on Twitch today and tomorrow: https://www.twitch.tv/venisonsneers from 6pm to 9pm GMT.

    I am playing through the whole of Autechre's back catalogue including the live sets. Today I will be playing the second half of Incunabula, Basscadet EP and the Anti EP. I started yesterday with Lego Feet, Cavity Job and the first half of Incunabula (I forgot to make a post here telling everyone, sorry you missed the start).

    For those that don't know, AS2 is a game a bit like Wipeout where it generates tracks you fly along based on the music you load into it. You then have to collect multi-coloured blocks in time with the music and avoid greys in order to build up a high score.

    So if you'd like to see some idiot attempting to play everything Autechre have released whilst flying along a rollercoaster-type track and collecting blocks for points, then come and join me. If anything it's just an excuse to listen to some AE.


  2. Surely this will sound similar to Aisatsana from Syro or some of the other acoustic tracks from Drukqs? He did say in the Noyzelab interview that the piano track was computer-controlled/created so I'm expecting this EP to be possibly more ambient and experimental in sound.


    Hopefully this is further proof that Richard intends to continue releasing music fairly regularly. I guess the frustrating thing for him is having to wait for Warp to fit it in their release schedule because by the time they release something, he's already moved on and might not be interested in it anymore. I'm surprised he doesn't do a Death Grips and just release stuff whenever he wants through his own website.

  3. Thanks very much for the download links. I've just started reading the interview and together with some of the stuff he talked about in part 1, he's starting to sound more and more like he's disappeared up his own ass:


    "When you make music, or orchestrate natural phenomena you are putting together something that you know or should know is going to rearrange you and change you in a more defined way than if you just went to another country you never went to before, then when you create it and experience it you become what you wanted to be and it feeds back to what you want to become again, its the lushest spiral of creativity and it can be taken much further than music is currently doing [i personally STILL feel like I'm just warming up!], I think with sound alone, you can potentially rearrange all matter and change the way you and others think, if its sequenced correctly.

    pretty much everyting is vibration.
    But you have to be open to it. if you think thats bullshit then you have a lot to learn".
    I particularly got annoyed with the last line as I know a lot of similar people who are into alternate ways of thinking and alternative medecines/therapies/holistic areas in general and there last line of defence against anyone who disagrees with them or challenges them is to say that they're closed-minded or need to wake up etc. Of course, this could all be bullshit from Richard himself but along with his view about conspiracies and the like, it just seems ridiculous.
    Having said that, I still love his music and look forward to anything he may put out in future. I love reading about his techniques (although I don't understand most of it) and seeing what equipment he uses, I could just do without all the other stuff he talks about, if it is true and he really believes all that.
  4. I really like the last track Aisatsana, I know a lot of people will think it's a bit boring and too different from the rest of the album but I like these contemplative tracks from Aphex. The piano-type tracks were some of my favourites from Drukqs too, I like how it shows a different side to him.

  5. It's quite funny, I only knew about this Soundcloud profile because I have one of my own and followed Aphex's real profile after reading the recent interview. Anyway, after reading the interview I checked into my own profile to upload something and saw that I had a new follower and it was non other than the afxafx... member (this was before I saw this thread). I have messaged the person asking how they made the music as I'm genuinely interested in learning as I'm new to making music myself, but so far no reply.


    Even if it isn't RDJ it's still a good track and who cares if it sounds too much like someone else, it's enjoyable and that's all that matters really.

  6. Hi everyone, I'm a noob here but have been an Aphex fan for years (yeah right?) so feel free to rip on anything I say. Anyway, just got done reading the interview (that was a beast to read) and while I didn't understand a lot of it, particularly about gear and music-making in general, it was really interesting to read.


    My question is, given that Richard is known for making stuff up, how do we know if a lot of what he says is true or not? That's why I find it hard to take anything away from these interviews as concrete fact (apart from maybe the gear stuff). It was great to see the accompanying photos of his studio and equipment and to read about the Cirklon, that inspired me to go look at videos of it on YT. The SC snippets of his and "his son's" music was interesting too, especially the early Fenix Funk mix but as for the rest of the interview about conspiracy theories and his family life, I just have to take it all with a pinch of salt really.

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