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  1. he played perlence at matter. that was fantastic...
  2. obviously. if there is a synth, reverb and claps it HAS to be aphex.
  3. i don't recon this is genuine either. but i thought it was relevant to the topic. i recon it is funny to listen to the imitators and i find some of the music enjoyable no matter who it is! If there hadn't been people trawling soundcloud accounts then nobody might have found the genuine user# account! whatever, it seems there is a creative storm surrounding 2015!!
  4. https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/MBEDO_195656825_soundcloud.mp3?_subject_uid=170546457&w=AAAu6RpKoqJVON1yi06bINO7j_N4OrahneTdwvAOE2UGkg that mbedo track
  5. yep this will take years to fully absorb. cant deny that i'd cry tears of joy if there had been vordhosbn style drukqs outtakes though He did say he had some tracks from around druqs era that he wanted to release... some dancey stuff. perhaps he feels that those tracks deserve a physical/high quality release!? i'm sure it wont be long if he is, cos he wants to get on with his new projects!! However, there is enough recent music from him to keep me amused for years to come! Thanks richard. :)
  6. That depends... depends on if the members of watmm manage to play tunes over the internet-controlled instruments? Haha, so ambitious you lot! No, nothing like that - but you're on the right track(er)... A tracker?!!
  7. I think this may be it: https://www.mediafire.com/?cmsiofkagzf965f I think this may be it:https://www.mediafire.com/?cmsiofkagzf965f That is Wisp's 'Teddy Oggie'. The caustic window soundcloud track was a minute or two, with fade in/fade out, not even full track. And sounded weak as fuck and very aphex clone-y. So it was like a "teaser" sample track. Meanwhile actual aphex getting uploaded on other soundcloud account. The caustic window one updated hadhtags to "like early aphex" to jump in on the hype. Its legit not worry stressing over if noone manages to up it.., Ah, ok i didn't hear it! cheers!
  8. did anyone get that caustic window track before it disappeared?
  9. what great times! must have taken a lot of work to get all these tracks together. Thanks Rich! :)
  10. I think that control over acoustic instruments is only more limited than control over the sound of an analog synthesiser due to practical difficulties in how to affect the sound. (hence swinging a piano from the ceiling, and preparing a piano.) however, if you hit an acoustic drum twice, the sound will not be the same the second time: a perfect circle only exists in the abstract. The sound modulates itself! Perhaps this is the beauty of it for Richard? If richard is planning any installations of acoustic instruments, then the sky is the limit, and i'm going to be there to see it! Digital signals are even less limited than analog synths, you can do some amazing stuff in real time these days. Wether you like the sound or not is subjective. compressing air is fun. This ep is so good.
  11. there are risks involved with taking drugs. they are quite small in comparison to getting into a car. there are things to look out for if you are curious about drugs. things like mental illness in the family etc. inform yourself and if your curiosity outweighs your trepidation, go for it! do it with good friends and amazing music. listening to music on psychedelics is amazing, and it completely changes your perception of sound. get some acid and k in the brain and you are in for a magical journey. there are no astounding truths that appear out of thin air, but sometimes very nice realisations can occur, and that can feel quite astounding. When making music on these substances you def come out with things that you wouldn't have done otherwise....
  12. i sincerely hope you are right!!!
  13. I want to remotely play aphex robots
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A Maybe there's gonna be live music, but it won't be Rich creating it..? Potentially, and partially right! Although, "live" music is subjective when you're talking about electronic music in general...we are creating it? what? edit: watmm Potentially, yes! whoa.......
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