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  1. Its all hardware sequencers, synths and drum machines being mixed and processed in Ableton in real time using a BCR2000.
  2. I thought I had actually but as it turns out that was muffwiggler
  3. I recorded this this morning. There are a few hiccups in it. https://soundcloud.com/johnisfaster/tres-live
  4. Might be the best compliment I ever got. Thanks.
  5. Im curious if other listeners experience “losing the 1” with my tracks, and whether thats a bad thing.
  6. I recorded this today.
  7. The time I was listening to Exai and was hearing all this radio noise and scrambled talking from the radio, thought it sounded awesome, then realized my fm receiver for my phone was fucking up.
  8. I’m convinced they run effect sends though VCAs and Ring Modulators where they can ring mod any element of a track with any other element in a track and then give it it’s own separate rhythmic pattern. I think they also audio rate modulate things with human voice samples somewhat frequently. Gives things that R2D2 “I can’t tell if thats a drum or a synth line” quality. I think you can hear these tricks all over their body of work.
  9. Remix of the first track from my album, Unfit for Drinking. https://soundcloud.com/johnisfaster/thatv6
  10. Woah dude. Really like these. I think listening through an album of yours would be one hell of a ride.
  11. You guys are awesome thanks for the validation.
  12. This is an unedited recording from this morning.
  13. Reminds me of Speedy J A Shocking Hobbie. I like it.
  14. These are a couple of tracks that just didn't fit the album but I was excited about them so I'm sharing them.
  15. I often listen to my stuff too much till I'm just tired of hearing it and I lose all bairing on what I want to do with it. I find I have to put it down for at least half a day and then when I go back to it I have to try to be in the moment as best I can. Usually when I come back to it like that it starts to become clear what needs to be done pretty quickly. Idk if anybody else has this problem but I can become invested in how a track is, and find it hard to change parts that should be changed. To move past that I just save a new version and then feel I can hack away at it without fear of losing what it was. Idk, the way you described your cycling thoughts on the task I thought maybe that would be relevant.
  16. Thank you both. I'm planning to have another out by June. I'll probably post up some bits here and there too.
  17. I'm John. I made this. Playlist F (unfit for drinking) https://jensenjohn.bandcamp.com/releases
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