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  1. Thanks for the Miles Davis recommendations... Listened to On The Corner a few years ago and the first thing that came to mind was that it sounded like Autechre played on jazz instruments... That seems even more relevant now that we have long pieces from Elseq and NTS...
  2. Listened to this a few times now and enjoying it. Feels like it needs to be played loud. Kinda gives me a similar feeling to OpN's "Mutant Standard" from Garden of Delete... Like it takes all these cheesy tropes from 90s rave/techno/trance/videogame music and throws it all together in his own unique way. It's nostalgic. Been thinking about the way he presents himself and the music... Ie the "pretentiousness" of it... I don't think the music lacks depth... I just don't think it expresses or evokes what he thinks it does in the slightest. It's like he thinks it's angry protest music... but to me the distortion just makes it sound warm and fuzzy, and hence nostalgic in sort of shoegazey way. The melodies are too cute and cheesy to be angry, and too earnest to be "ironic"... But that's kinda why I like it too... I get bored of irony really quickly.
  3. I've only listened to a couple of them and they were both ambient drone. If you like that kinda thing it's good stuff but I will admit it's not as interesting as his earlier stuff. Anyway I really like In-between.
  4. I somehow feel like this early material fits in better with their newer material than Incunabula... I think just cos it has a slightly darker, more aggressive edge to it maybe? Somehow it feels like it fits the black-and-white graphic design aesthetic they use on newer releases a lot better...
  5. Aye. A few months ago I found an old supposedly limited edition version of orbus terrarum on vinyl with extended tracks, even just the occasional extra minute here and there made it feel like I was listening to the entire album for the first time again ❤️
  6. springymajig


    I'm not usually a massive fan of this era of Autechre (at least, not as much as the later stuff) but that was an awesome mix and I danced around the lounge like a kid and it was fun. It makes me wanna give Lego Feet another go.
  7. Oops... sorry... I missed an "of" ? " an album OF simple, fun dance music".
  8. I reckon the music by itself is not pretentious, it's the way it's packaged and presented that is... calling an album simple, fun dance music "World Eater" and then including a message to donate to your local LGBT and animal rights groups is super pretentious (not to mention politically insipid). To make a serious, objective appraisal of any work of art, one should consider the full package (titles, artist statements etc. don't happen by accident) BUT... that doesn't stop the listener from listening to a piece of music on their own terms and enjoying it for their own subjective reasons. I loved the last two albums and this sounds like it'll be fun too, but I personally can't take it seriously. It's a little like he doesn't understand why his own music is good.
  9. I recently discovered this album and absolutely fell in love with it. The first album is good too, and I guess I can sorta see why it seems to be most peoples preference but Persistence of Vision really does it for me. I feel like... it's harder to discern how it was made, I feel like the further back I go back into his discography, the more obvious it is that the music is made from cut up samples. Not that that's a bad thing, I think it's pretty obvious on PoV, it's just that it feels far more seamless. I also like how much darker it is... I saw another comment here describing the artwork as 80s/early 90s cyber-horror, and I think that describes the music really well too.
  10. I may be confusing that name, so I am terribly sorry if this is the case and I am mistaken, but if memory serves me right,the user/musician who went by the name Quelnt tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident.
  11. What about the two circlont syro tracks? The more I listen to them, the more I realize how dynamic and rich of emotion they are. New solution in connecting elements and satisfactory up tempos there I gave both of those a listen, individually, and I have to admit I like them a lot more than I did when the album came out. I'm gonna try listening to each track individually for a bit. Maybe I was actually overwhelmed by how much is packed into each track, so my brain just averaged it all out into one flat sounding clump :P Thanks watmm for encouraging me to give this album another chance.
  12. What about the two circlont syro tracks? The more I listen to them, the more I realize how dynamic and rich of emotion they are. New solution in connecting elements and satisfactory up tempos there Can't remember those, will give them a listen some time... Perhaps I'm not listening carefully enough, perhaps subtle is a more appropriate word than flat.
  13. I had to relisten to T69 to fully appreciate this thread because I gad only listened to it twice and didn't even notice distinct sections the first coupla times. I have found most of what RDJ has donevsince his comeback very flat, lacking the dynamic range that everyone here is describing. Syro in particular... At no point does it feel intense, or ambient, happy or angry etc. It just feels very moderate consistently throughout, I couldn't tell the difference between one track and another. At best I felt like it captured melancholic drudgery which I think is artistically valid and beautiful in its own right but in not sure that's what he was going for and it never really won me over. I like Collapse a bit more but compared to Drukqs and everything before it, still very flat, and still feels gloomy and melancholy but in a way that seems to click with me more. Anyway in regards to the original question, I don't think it's a "all or nothing" scenario. I think people can listen to music however they want to. Personally, I have grown to appreciate how dynamic Drukqs is. I used to hate 54 Cymru Beats but now I like how it contrasts with tracks like Vordhosbn and the piano tracks. Makes it feel like a journey.
  14. I actually like Centipede Hz a lot more than MPP, although MPP has grown on me. At first I was disappointed by how brickwalled it is, compared to the sparse sound of the early live versions. But in hindsight i should have known it would sound like that on the studio recordings: they tend more towards dense noise and chaos with the sparse minimal recordings now in the minority (they're also better at the louder stuff in general).
  15. Happy New Year! I have just released a new 5 track EP of what I would best describe as 90's-style ambient techno. Your listens would be much appreciated, I'd be happy to return the favour! Thanks! Bandcamp - >>>
  16. I can't believe I was right about P.H.U.K being a reference to Brexit!!! The video isn't a masterpiece but at least I can stop complaining about them not being political anymore :P
  17. Ah... Yes... That makes much more sense...
  18. Both Tiny Foldable Cities and P.H.U.K are really nice, by far my favourite stuff from them since Middle of Nowhere. Also that artwork is awesome! At the same time I still miss the political edge of Sniv (and to a lesser extent, the green album and In Sides). Why aren't they making music about Brexit or the rise of Fascism? Although maybe "P.H.U.K" is a reference to Brexit? Probably... but then why is it so happy sounding? I miss the anger and sadness of those earlier records.
  19. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a new Autechre album right after its release. For once I feel like I can get on board with all the hype. Also... I joked before about them saving all the warm pretty melodies for part 4 but they kinda did :P I can't believe how well it works even though it's 8 hours... it actually uses the 8 hours really well. It doesn't sound like a bunch of left-over jams like Quadrange, it doesn't sound like refined live material like Elseq, it sounds like a proper, carefully planned, carefully constructed album. I don't know how they're going to top this. What the hell are they going to do next?!?
  20. Ok... so... now I've listened to 1 & 2 a bunch and... I started to like it so much... I got scared to listen to session 3. In all honesty, I've been dealing with some anxiety issues lately and I genuinely got stressed out about listening to 3. Like I knew I HAD to before 4 came out... or I'd get even more stressed (why? I'm just really good at stressing out and worrying about... well... everything). Anyway... I managed to listen to it yesterday and like everything anxiety related, actually going ahead and doing the thing is a lot less stressful than the build up leading to it. I think I'm stressing out about not giving myself the ideal first-time listening experience? Anyway... I'm DEFINITELY gonna set aside a nice, relaxing time to listen to 4 so I can fully absorb myself into it for the first listen. I haven't wanted to do that for any new release in many years. One thing that is definitely changing the more I listen to it: at first, it seemed really sparse, but now I realise that it has an ENORMOUS amount of intricate detail, it's just more subtle. It's not all super compressed and in your face like Exai and Elseq (not that those are bad because of it, it's just different). I also feel like it's mixed a lot more carefully than Elseq. It makes Elseq seem like a practice-run for this, which is the main event. NTS feels so much more mature and carefully mixed and constructed than just about anything else they've done, or at least for a long time. It's really, really fucking good. There's also no SUPER NOISY harshness, it still feels to me like one of the easier listens, because it's so consistent, and just about every track has some kind of hip-hop based beats I do find it a little bit cold though. There's not really any warm pretty melodies fluttering about here... maybe they saved it all for part 4 :P But... while it certainly has some dark and haunting moments, it's mostly very playful, which again, makes it surprisingly easy to listen to. Anyway... I haven't felt this excited about an album in a long time... I know I'm probably not contributing to the conversation with anything useful/insightful... just felt like sharing my love for this <3
  21. I agree... it is a bit harder to distinguish between the most recent releases and earlier ones (the jump between Chiastic Slide and LP5 was pretty huge for example) but there's definitely some progress here from Elseq. Also I agree that there's a lot of older sounding stuff here. The last track on session 2 sounds a bit like Bronchus 2 to me, and four of seven makes me think of Basscadet and it's remixes. It's definitely the one that's been stuck in my head the most so far. I sorta agree with this... at least the idea that NTS is it's own "thing". It doesn't seem to be something that I can enjoy in the same way that I enjoy their previous albums.
  22. I've listened to both sessions twice now. My impression so far is that this is the most easy-going and "accessible" material they've put out since Oversteps (although not nearly as easy-going as that of course). None of the tracks seem as mind-bendingly complex as Exai, L-Event or (parts of) Elseq. Nor is any of it anywhere near as brutal, abrasive and uncompromising as the live shows (or again, parts of Elseq, I still find acdwn2 un-listenable). They all seem to have a pretty laid-back, easy to follow hip-hop groove, the overall sound is quite sparse. It's good background/working music that you can nod your head to. Because it's less dense, it almost sounds a little "unfinished" to me, compared to Elseq and especially Exai (going back to that one is a real treat). None of this stuff really "moves" me, which is kind of the result of it being very easy-going. But for this very reason it is also very enjoyable, right from the first listen. I do think the overall format of this and Elseq is very daring and exciting. I agree with some earlier comments saying that there is a lot less surprise when it comes to Autechre's sound design these days... kinda just the same thing over and over again... however, the way they are exploring how an artist can produce and release music is really fascinating. At this point, I don't expect their next release to sound much different. But I'm still really excited to see what weird ideas they come up with for how it will be released. In saying that... the remaining 4 hours of this release could very well have some surprises too...
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