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  1. I dunno if you got my comment before but it's FREEKIN AMAZING!!! One of the best pieces of music I've heard all year I reckon. Very very very super awesome deluxe.
  2. Pretty coo.... Only listened once so far tho.... the little squiggly bleepy noises gave me a big fright :P it's mixed very nicely, those sounds stand out so clearly it sounds like it's all just sounds from some alien world or something.
  3. Cool thanks... heh... seems more a matter of opinion you're expressing... rahter than anything I did wrong so I guess that's a good sign :)
  4. Rightot This is pretty much a complete Wisp rip off... I should warn you... but I do quite like it... so any comments would be appreciated
  5. I say no to both. I don't think the discussion section of EKT was used enough to warrant a seperate section, and besides, alot of people accidently put stuff in EKT instead of YLC. It would avoid confusion to just have one forum. But if you do bring it back, I think that EKT should be a subforum of YLC or a completely seperate one. I also disagre with the other thing... ALTHOUGH I DO THINK we should be allowed to post finished albums/eps in general discussion without everyone giving us funny looks... unless we're posting it for constructive crit, then it would be more appropiate to put it in YLC. But an all around leniency on people posting full album/ep's in general discussion would be appreciated.
  6. springymajig

    omg cipater

    Yeah it's AWESOME... I've gotten into a bad habit of calling Chiastic Slide 'Cipater', probably cos as soon as I think Chiastic Slide, I think of the awesomeness of Cipater.
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