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  1. It just struck me that I'd really like to see Luke do an entire album with African or other traditional music samples a la Clap! Clap! Could be good.
  2. I think Sean mentioned in the AAA that it's an image of them displayed on a fucked up CRT TV.
  3. He's been teasing a mixtape for a while now, and here it is. It includes a few tracks that were posted on Soundcloud previously, but this is mostly new stuff. Very atmospheric and pretty sounding as usual. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3fuey34udpetawz/
  4. Is the lineup just Sarah Peacock and Mark Clifford now?
  5. That's not a soundboard, just a good quality audience recording.
  6. This is off topic, but man those Killamix controllers are expensive. On the other hand, they look solid as hell. It'd be cool if they made a "clone" of the BCR2000 with the construction of the Killamix.
  7. freddy753

    elseq 1-5

    But it's not the saaaaaaame
  8. freddy753

    elseq 1-5

    Do any of these contain the track from the Bloc 2015 teaser? I was really hoping that would end up on an album when I first heard it.
  9. freddy753

    New WC?

    Seems like Luke's getting kinda jerked around at Ninja Tune. They want more Plug, but he's not making any of that type of stuff any more.
  10. Is this the release you mentioned would be coming out on vinyl?
  11. Just saw that Mike took down most of the tracks, including Fab Star, which was my absolute favorite. :(. Is there an archive floating about somewhere?
  12. freddy753


    Give this man a Pulitzer Prize.
  13. I hope someone will be producing a tracklist for these mixes.
  14. I really hope that Tis Thine the Kingdom track still exists somewhere because I remember hearing it during Ae's Oversteps radio show and thinking it was really cool. Had no idea who made it at the time.
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