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  1. If only they would release a couple of professionally recorded livesets containing those complete bits in the way they were intended... Just one or two, or nine.


    But it's not the saaaaaaame

  2. Seems like Luke's getting kinda jerked around at Ninja Tune. They want more Plug, but he's not making any of that type of stuff any more.

  3. i wake up at 8-9am that morning for some reason, we're at this club called the hangar

    people been clubbing there since 2am the last evening and they still serving drinks, i walk in cause i need to unload a brown holocuast . edging at my stomach and abdominal walls, giving me hard stress and metal thoughts . this latino fellow lets me in free cause ive got my NA2015 badge on me, and probably saw me walk off of the bus. like judging from his regard for me and everything else i'm expecting to be escorted to a silver rimmed enclave of a fucking commode room and i end up basically shitting in the spatial equivalent of a bombed out church


    Give this man a Pulitzer Prize.

  4. Has anyone got a recording of any of Cygnus or VSnares' sets? I wasn't able to make it to either of the shows closest to me (Toronto and Chicago), and from what I've read, Cygnus is fantastic live.

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