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    elseq 1-5

    Still haven't listened beyond Elseq 1. Someone sum up the other releases for me in less than twenty words (per release).
  2. My expired passport is not a "valid means of age verification". But...only the passport is expired...my birthdate is still valid...
  3. Nintendo Direct: we got more ports than a cruise liner! But serious, I'm so on the fence about the Switch. Kinda want one, but how much would I really play it? I feel I would be bored after Zelda, if I even complete that. Hope for something I can't say no to.
  4. Why did I think Full Sunken Breaks was bad? What was wrong with me? The folly of youth!

    1. Hugh Mughnus
    2. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Nordy, Hard Love, and Dancing Demons are prob my fav off that release.

    3. Ifeelspace


      I'm all abouts the Epic Blusta

  5. The "I will take down tracks whenever I want" and "if you buy the whole album, you'll get any extra tracks I upload in the future" messages seemed skeezy at the time. Still does. That said, many of these albums are good value, even if no extra tracks are added (beyond the extra tracks added already). But alternate mixes / speed versions / demos don't really do it for me. But hey, Aphex usually proves me wrong--a day after I post this, he'll post so many new tracks I'll look like a total dick. I'd be fine with that.
  6. 9 minutes for a £30 vinyl? Fuck that! No wonder it ain't sold out. Then again, considering what the film is about, it does make sense. Sort of.
  7. Finnegan's Wake predicted the damage that autocorrect does to normal sentences.
  8. Completed Into the Breach on my first try! Going again, try out some different mechs. Not sure if this will keep my interest as long as FTL did, but so far, it's been really fun. Figuring out how to prevent all enemy attacks is incredibly satisfying.
  9. Tbh modern posters reflect the quality of modern films. That said, though I will not see it, the Mother! poster looked okay. Shame about Aronofsky going mental.
  10. How long is it? Seeing as it's a 10", I'm guessing 20 minutes? But yeah, didn't bother preordering the record. I lost no sleep over it.
  11. Have been listening to this over the last few days, and I really like it. Kinda different from Traditional Synthesizer Music in every way: discordant, no obvious (if any) melodies and no easy beat to follow, just flurries of hits you can't keep up with. Reminds me of Datach'i's The Elements or Shock Diamonds in places. If this is where Vsnares' modular stuff is going in the future, I'm looking forward to more.
  12. Made some overnight porridge and I can't wait to wake up and eat it.
  13. Fuck it, play the weird shit anyway. I spend the last twenty minutes of most work days blasting Strapping Young Lad, Captain Beefheart and Shitty Flutes to coworkers who think Elton John is obscure. That said, I have no friends and everyone is scared of me or simply dislikes me. ... So yeah, maybe keep it to yourself.
  14. The snowboarding shop fifty feet from where I live is closed due to the snow.
  15. Slowing getting into this. Still playing Slay the Spire. :P Will prob get this (Into the Breach) for the weekend, looks like fun.
  16. why do you have birds in your office? lol Who said I worked in an office? Noone =( I was just being funny. GOD, thanks for bursting my bubble, Bechuga. I was laughing my ass off for a minute. Maybe he works in a bird sanctuary :) It would be much better if he worked in an otherwise completely normal boring office which had an inexplicable bird infestation affecting all facets of business operation. The woes of my life are not a situational comedy for you to enjoy What if I contracted avian flu? Did you consider that? I bet you didn't. All you cared about it laughing at my anguish at the hands of a red-titted tyrant. I hope you feel ashamed of yourselves.
  17. why do you have birds in your office? lol Who said I worked in an office?
  18. At work, a robin landed on my computer monitor, pooped down the screen, looked at me for ten seconds and then flew off. Can't get no respect.
  19. Burps are farts that got lost It's ass air coming out your mouth
  20. One does not acquire a taste for alcohol, but rather batters the senses with it until it has no choice but to accept it as "tasty". Every male on both sides of the family has died of cancer or heart attacks. I am a male, and therefore will end up with both. I have not talked to my older brother properly for two years, and my life has never been better. My mortgage is mostly interest. I'm basically a high-interest savings account for my mortgage lender. I keep a little book in which I write down ideas in. None of these thoughts are in that book.
  21. Empty The Boners Of You

    1. KovalainenFanBoy


      ran outta boners at age 19

    2. Joyrex


      Love is Dead (new CHVRCHES album)

    3. Bechuga


      First single sounds kinda bland, might pass.

  22. Bechuga

    Now Reading

    The Universal Baseball Association by Robert Coover was a really good book. Just the right amount of metafiction and still had an enjoyable story. And I completely relate to a character who spends most of the working day daydreaming about other things and being distracted.
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